My Experience with John Of God At The Omega Institute October 2007 by Merryn Jose

Heather Cumming & John of GodAbout six months ago I was introduced to Heather Cumming by my dear friend Helen Escoffier. We met when Heather gave a workshop at Star Visions a Holistic Center in Chappaqua, N.Y. founded by Helen over fifteen years ago. Heather is an exceptional person who over the last seven years had dedicated herself to working with John of God, as his translator and his liaison for healing trips to the United States. She co-authored the extraordinary book entitled , John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who’s Touched the Life of Millions. So when Heather informed us that Medium Joao (Joao Teixeira de Faria) was going to make his first appearance in upstate New York we were thrilled.

It was to take place at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck which has an excellent reputation for being extremely well organized with a great staff. My husband and I felt fortunate that we were able to stay on campus for the entire three day event. Due to popular demand a fourth day was added which sold out immediately.

The first morning we gathered together in the Main tent to meet with Heather, Diana Rose and Bob Dinga, Norberto Krug, Rosa Machado, each one having a remarkable story to relate. Finally Medium Joao arrived to say a few words to all of us before he left for the Entity Room where he prepared to do his work.

In the meantime between opening prayers and meditation we were told what to expect and organized into lines to go before the Entity. “…the Entities are highly evolved, discarnate spirits who reach down from the spiritual world to relieve suffering. This mission is facilitated through Medium Joao’s willingness to offer his body as a vessel for this work.” Heather Cumming

The lines were divided as follows:

First Time Line: For those participants who have never been before the Entity, nor had their photograph taken before the Entity. Second-Time Line: For participants who have already passed before the Entity or had their photograph taken before the Entity here or in Brazil. Spiritual Intervention Line: For participants who have been instructed by the Entity to have a spiritual intervention. Revision line: For participants who have had a spiritual intervention that have not been re-assessed, including all those who had a spiritual intervention at the last event in the US and have not been to Brazil since.

We were told that passing before the Entity is an extremely powerful process and that an energy transference takes place on many different levels. We were also requested to dress in white clothing as this allows the Entities to view our bodies more easily. It enhances the visibility of the auric field, enabling them to perform their healing work. The Entities view us as a hologram and know exactly what the specific needs are for each person.

That first day over 1,500 people lined up to meet with Medium Joao who by this time had “incorporated.” That meant he was in full trance enabling the Entities to work through him to do the healing work on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical planes. John of God works with a phalange (group consciousness) of helping and healing spirits.

Most people were given just a few moments before the Entity where we were instructed on what to do and where to sit. The sitting arrangement consisted of three meditation rooms also called ‘current rooms.’

· The Main Meditation hall where all participants can meditate.

· The Mediums Meditation Room this current room was like a spiritual cleansing of sorts, where each individuals energetic field is attuned to the higher frequency of the current.

· Entity’s Meditation room where John of God will do his work with the Entities.

Every person serving in any of the ‘current rooms’ was asked to sit with legs and arms uncrossed with eyes closed. This was known as “sitting in current.” This kept the energy strong and focused for facilitating the work of Medium Joao and the Entities. Everyone was able to participate in the healing process which raised the vibration and empowered people to share and give of their love so adding to the healing dynamic.

For the first two days my husband and I were fortunate to be sent to meditate in the Entity Room where Medium Joao worked with the Entities. On the third day when we appeared in front of the Entity we were instructed immediately to go and receive a Special Blessing which is a powerful healing energy transmission..

We were then requested to return at 2:00 pm to receive a Spiritual Intervention. What a perfect day for this to happen. The weather was glorious and we slowly strolled over to the large dining room to have lunch where they were serving the blessed soup, and healthy vegetarian fare. Omega is reminiscent of a miniature village with a Wellness Center, café, bookstore which sells everything from books on audio, video tapes and even clothing from around the world. People who have spent time at Omega comment on the peaceful sacred feeling that emanates from the locale.

After a leisurely lunch we meandered through the beautiful gardens to the main tent where we gathered before being sent into the Entity room for our final experience. Once seated we were instructed to keep our eyes closed and to place our right hand over our heart area as this was a sign to the Entities there was more than one healing needed in the body. If there was only one particular problem needing attention, then placing one’s hand on the chosen area if possible would suffice. One of the physical things I concentrated on was my jammed neck which had been bothering me for several months. My husband concentrated on the stiffness in his lower back.

Karen Leffler, John of God, Heather CummingThe whole session took no longer than twenty minutes. Right at the end of the ritual John of God positioned himself in a way that we could all hear him clearly. In his rich powerful voice, vibrating with the energies of the Entities, he addressed us in his native Brazilian tongue announcing that “the healing has taken place.” As he uttered the words I felt an enormous amount of heat emanating from my heart center and my hand seemed like it was glued to my blouse. It was quite an extraordinary feeling. Talking with my husband later he said he had a similar experience.

Afterwards our group was gathered on the lawn and given very specific instructions to go and rest for the next 24 hours allowing the healing energy to do its work. This was to be followed with instructions on exercise and dietary do’s and don’ts for the next forty days as the healing continues to unfold. Apparently having once met the Entities, their healing work continues even on one’s return home.

Having bought some of the blessed water, we drove home immediately. On arrival we were tired and went right to bed and surprised ourselves by sleeping for over fourteen hours. Whatever happened to us during the three days had been so unusual and powerful that we needed time to assimilate it and begin healing.

Vivid dreams carried on night after night and I felt I was dealing with a lot of ‘old patterns’ during my nightly sojourns. During the day I was feeling very open and sensitive to my surroundings. The physical healing was just a small part of it. The real healing was taking place on an emotional and spiritual level.

I can only talk for myself when I say I found it quite difficult to write this piece as something deeply profound had shifted within me and mere words do not do it justice. So let me end by saying I have been fortunate this lifetime to have experienced something quite extraordinary which continues to unfold on a daily basis.

Oh, incidentally, my neck was healed completely and my husband said his back never felt better…..

A Very Special Thanks to The Omega Institute

Considering the fact that thousands of people descended on The Omega Institute over a period of four days, there was not a moment when it didn’t go smoothly thanks to the brilliant organizational skills of the Omega Management and their helpful and caring staff.

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by Merryn Jose
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