Jude Currivan on Living with Cosmic Consciousness: Discussion Panel in NYC

You’re invited to a panel at the United Palace of Inspiration with Jude Currivan, Jean Houston and world-class scientists on how modern science is proving the ancient wisdom that we and the Universe are one: As we live in it, it lives in us. Experience how this unified reality allows you to co-create your existence and bring forth cosmic consciousness in your physical body. By becoming interrelated to everything and everyone you gain an evolved perception of reality so critical in our times.


Event : Living in Cosmic Consciousness (Panel Discussion) at United Palace

When : 12/03/2017 12:00pm – 12/03/2017 1:30pm

Where : United Palace – New York City, New York

Hear scientists explain the multidimensional architecture that is manifesting all around us now. Learn how to step into a deeper coherence and attunement of what is emerging in our collective human and planetary psyche. How do we attune with the evolutionary impulse of this time and how do we see ourselves converging into its highest service?

This panel will be hosted by Rev. Heather Shea, Spiritual Director of the United Palace House of Inspiration. Musical performances by American Idol finalist Anwar Robinson and the uplifting United Palace Band. This event is free. Click here to live-stream the event.

Jude Currivan, Ph.D., is a cosmologist, futurist, planetary healer and previously one of the most senior business women in the UK. She has a master’s degree in physics from Oxford University and a doctorate in archaeology from the University of Reading in the UK. She has traveled extensively, worked with wisdom keepers from many traditions, and is a life-long researcher into the nature of reality. She is the author of 6 books, including The Cosmic Hologram, and is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders circle. You can view more of her work at www.innertraditions.com

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