Keys To The Soul by Mechthild Scheffer

Keys to the Soul A Floral Bouquet to Your Higher Self

amazon.comKeys to the Soul by Mechthild Scheffer (C.W. Daniel, 1998) is just one of many books addressing the wonders of Bach Flower therapy. It reflects the growing popularity of vibrational healing as well as the genuine widespread high regard for Dr. Bach and his 38 medicinal flower essences being used as tools for healing.

However, Keys to the Soul is a book that takes the information about Dr. Bach’s 38 flowers and brings it to the next level. Translated into English from the original German 1995 edition, Keys to the Soul is a workbook.

It is designed to help anyone of us interested in taking small steps toward helping ourselves become more in tune with our higher consciousness and attaining emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

According the Dr. Bach, good health can only return when a balance in the psyche is restored and the inner self is revitalized. And as Scheffer writes, Dr. Bach’s own therapeutic aim in the creation of his floral remedies was

“…to forge a link back to our Divine nature.”

The author’s two main objectives in writing the book are:

making the spiritual purpose of Bach flower therapy easily accessible, and making self-diagnosis easier.

***image2***Scheffer explains the purposes behind each flower essence, what behavioral patterns to look for when in need of any particular essence as well as what to take note of in order to check its effectiveness.

The author also equips the book with exercises the reader can complete to help with self-diagnosis. They enhance a better understanding of, and interaction with, the utilization of Bach flower therapy as a useful tool for self healing as well as a remarkable catalyst for finding the higher self — the original blue print of our own pristine emotional and physical well being as designed by the Divine, untouched by the disruption of life’s traumas.

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by Clarissa Tallon
A longtime Bach flower therapy practitioner, Mechthild Scheffer is the author of several books, including Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice and Mastering Bach Flower Therapies: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment. She is the official representative of England's Edward Bach Centre for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Ms. Scheffer lives in Germany.