www.asante-academy.com   Established in 2000 by Prof. Song Xuan Ke, Asanté Academy has built a reputation for being the leading Traditional Chinese Medicine healthcare clinic in London. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments including: herbal medicine, acupuncture and tuina massage.

www.chicenter.com   Master Mingtong Gu received his training at the largest Qigong hospital in China. Named The Qigong Master of the Year by the 13th World Congress for Qigong and TCM, he is the founder of the Chi Center, based at EarthRise at IONS in California.  Among the many styles of Qigong, Zhineng (Tszu-nen) Qigong , known as Wisdom Healing™ Qigong or ChiLel™ in the West, is one of the most powerful. Translated literally, Zhineng Qigong means “Cultivating Wisdom Energy Ability .”

www.consciouslifestylemag.com Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is designed to give you powerful, practical tools, techniques, wisdom and inspiration for creating radiant happiness, health and healing… for experiencing abundance, prosperity, freedom, peace and flow in your life… so that you can play your essential part in this shift, and together we can change the world for the better, one heart and mind at a time.

www.judecurrivan.com   Dr Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, planetary healer and author. She has experienced multidimensional realities since early childhood and worked with the wisdom keepers both incarnate and discarnate of many traditions. Jude integrates leading edge science, research into consciousness and universal wisdom teachings into a wholistic whole-world-view.

www.knightsrose.com  Tim Walter is a life coach and geomancer who uses modern subtle energy management techniques and ancient earth wisdom to help people re-balance their lives for wellness. The great geomancer, Hamish Miller was his teacher and mentor.

www.mindshiftinstitute.org  The work of The Mindshift Institute is devoted to challenging thinking, deepening emotions and opening possibilities. Our website contains life-positive information which reveals how the present vision of reality is incomplete. Our goal is to help expand the current definition of reality by exploring ideas outside of the dominant worldview

www.mitziadams.com  Mitzi Adams sees dance as a journey of energies, and it is in connecting those energies where art is made. In 1986, the seeds of this philosophy were planted when Adams first explored Jin Shin Jyutsu®, an ancient healing art which aims to create harmony by balancing the body’s energies. It was during her graduate studies when she used it to heal herself from a potentially career-ending injury.

www.mossdreams.com  Robert Moss describes himself as a dream teacher, on a path for which there has been no career track in our culture. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism. Born in Australia, he survived three near-death experiences in childhood. He leads popular seminars all over the world, including a three-year training for teachers of Active Dreaming.

www.ps-magazine.com  PS-Magazine.com is a dedicated online resource, concerned with holistic self-development, development of intuitive faculties, including psychic matters and spiritual consciousness; life coaching and well-being; first launched on April 1st 2003. The original concept was developed as a result of concern with the lack of high quality information on the Internet dealing with psychic and spiritual matters, and the desire to provide material for my clients. It has now evolved, with the assistance of friends, clients, colleagues and other practitioners, worldwide, into its current form.

www.saharhuneidi.com  A former student of Merryn Jose, Sahar was accredited as a professional intuitive, “one of the best 100 psychics in the world.”  She is a qualified Holistic Counselor, balancing body, emotions & mind; and is The Life Coach columnist for New You Magazine. She teaches her own course on personal resilience entitled: Ketheric Well-Being, A Journey to Self-Awakening, www.ketheric.com. She also publishes the online PS Magazine, and is the author of Your Fortune in a Coffee CupSee article in MerlianNews

www.selketconsulting.com   Astrology as psychological guide, not as predictive technique, is a roadmap for the 21st Century. My name is Lisa Karmen and it would be my pleasure to share the wisdom of astrology with you.  Astrology is the study of cycles and timing; a science and an art that offers guidance and insight.  It is a mirror that reflects our true selves and our experiences without the bias of family and/or cultural programming.

www.victorzammit.com  On this site you will get to know the findings of highly intelligent scientists, empiricists and other professionals who systematically investigated the afterlife and psychic phenomena over more than a century, and you will get to know with absolute certainty that everyone survives death. Check out his weekly Afterlife Report and our article on Merryn’s Musings