Living in a Material World

This article first appeared in Prediction Magazine, November 05, page 21.

Sometimes, it seems that the modern world focuses only on the importance of materialism, and the monetary values of ‘things’. We are offered images of abundance, beautiful houses, elegant clothes, perfectly formed bodies, all of which we are encouraged to aspire to. Women are exposed to this barrage of advertising; are especially under pressure to do the best for their families, and look beautiful for their husbands. The old credit card slogan was “take the waiting out of wanting,” the sub-text is that you CAN have it now. The life styles on offer have the air of impossible dreams, and we max out our cards chasing this delusion.

Holistic approach: In the rush of consumerism, the crises and joys of family life we lack the time to reflect on what this materialism is actually offering us, or to find out and whether it has actually made us truly (spiritually) happy, making us feel inadequate in the race of life. This can create a ‘disconnect’ or ‘break down’ between our personal values and our expectations; we are uncertain what to do, and how much is enough. So, how do we reconcile our wants and needs? Indeed how do we reconcile either with our spiritual growth and discover how to create a more balanced way of live?

The recent images of global disasters, the Tsunami in Asia, the London bombings and Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, don’t fit in with a “life-style” view of the world. Their devastating human and material realities force us to question our existence from a higher perspective- a spiritual perspective: what IS our relationship to the material world? How do we evaluate or react to such catastrophes in a world that we imagine we can control? Spiritual schools from time immemorial have highlighted the universal connection between everything that exists in our world, and today science is increasingly demonstrating the deep inter-connection, in the complex universe we inhabit.


My personal experience leads me to believe that while we need to keep one foot steadfastly in the material word, the other has to be just as firmly planted in the spiritual world. Maintaining a ‘wholistic’ view of our world, will help us keep our balance as we experience, react and live our daily lives. We need to remind ourselves often that our essence is really spirit, infinite spirit. The possibilities for our spiritual growth are also infinite.

Valuable thoughtsThere is a degree of truth in the old adage ‘the best things in life are free’. From our soul’s perspective, what is truly fulfilling or gratifying certainly has no monetary value. An act of kindness, sending out healing, or a loving thought to people, our planet, and the areas of disaster are but a few examples of what is really meaningful. A small thoughtful action can have an equal and tangible reaction. In times of disaster our ‘prayers’ and good intentions are needed most, there is little else that we can offer.

My own understanding of spirit is mainly in terms of energy. I see everything (material and immaterial) as being made essentially from the same ‘energy’; which is continuously flowing like drops of rain which all flow towards the same river. As energy flows, it grows or evolves, transforms, and transmutes in either directions- positive or negative, depending on our self-will, intentions and actions. What helps Energy evolve, is our individual conscious awareness that everything is connected, and that our actions have consequences. Everything, including thought, is felt and will have a consequence – no matter how small. In a spiritual sense, we are connected to the planet we live on, and everything in it, as much as we are to our immediate family.


How to reconnectNext time, you feel the pinch in your wallet, stop and reflect on whether your soul is starving for this spiritual connection we all strive for; rather than for the latest must-have ‘thing’.

Here are few suggestions:

·Before you go to bed, or when you are out walking or meditating, remember to send loving thoughts (or pink light) to your home, your neighbourhood, your country and our planet, so it too may heal and balance.

·When you pass by a person, before your leap to judge their behaviour or looks (or immediately after), send them a loving thought (or golden light- just over their head) to help them be their true self; they probably need light more than most.

·When you a see a beautiful flower, or a tree, let it know! Send a loving thought showing your appreciation for it; remembering it took it millions of years of evolution to get to this perfect stage just for the moment when your eyes catch it.

·When you are happy and over-flowing with joy, remember to direct some of your joy by thanking and sending loving thoughts to (Spirit) the immaterial world you are part of.

·When you light a candle, or a flame, remember to ‘transform’ and send this light to ‘whoever needs it’.

·When nature strikes back, remember that our planet and its resources are perishable; remember to buy Eco-green!

Next month, love, light and healing.

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by Sahar Huneidi
Professional intuitive and journalist. Sahar teaches meditation, psychic development; and conducts workshops on tarot, the ancient art of coffee cup reading, and dream interpretation. She is a Spiritual DIY columnist for Prediction Magazine, the original body mind spirit magazine in the UK; and is editor and publisher of Sahar also recently launched the first dedicated podcasting service on spiritual and psychic matters on