“Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven” by Michael Joseph

Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven By Suzanne Ward and her son Matthew


Several years ago an American woman, Suzanne Ward, was devastated by the sudden death of her 17-year-old son Matthew, who was killed in an accident with a farm tractor. After a long period of grief and almost intolerable pain, she sent out an urgent call to her son, asking him if he was still alive somewhere, in some other world. Her cry was answered. And the result is what could turn out to be one of the most important books ever written: Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven [Matthew Books].

This book should be printed in every language, and read by – or to – everyone from the age of seven upwards. It is probably the most complete picture the world has ever had of the Universe we all came from – and to which we will all return when our lives here have run their course.

I found Matthew to be the elder brother I always wished I had had: He is calm, strong, upright, honest, patient, forgiving – and filled with love. He is a prince among men and, all too obviously, it is giving him the greatest joy to fulfill his mission at last.

Never can a mother’s grief have been turned to such good account; never can such riches and rewards for us all have been conjured out of a private tragedy. .

(c) Michael Joseph

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Spiritual ity “Death is nothing at all — I have only slipped away into the next room.”

Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven describes in detail the soul’s transition from Earth to Heaven and the vibrant life in that realm. Our cosmic beginnings and channeled information from extraterrestrial civilizations are featured in Revelations For A New Era.


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by Michael Joseph
With her husband Bob and their family of adopted dogs, Suzy is living in a rural area of Washington. Her numerous sources are providing more information to enlighten and assist us as we are changing at cellular level to enter the forthcoming higher spiritual dimension along with Earth.