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This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

People Tell Me A Story by Bear Walker “The most often asked question I get from my patients, students, or friends, young and old, is, “Can you tell me a story?” Tell me what it was like to grow up in the native ways. This is exactly what I used to ask my own grandfather. So all the stories that I share with my own children or any one else are the stories my kind, sweet, simple grandfather shared with me.”

Meditation Hale Clinic on Meditation: Research & Science “There have been many parallels drawn between yoga and science in recent decades. Pioneering doctors, psychologists and neuroscientists are now discovering many of the truths about the human mind and body that yogis gave us centuries ago. Western scientists have traditionally looked into the physical environment of man to try and cure the disharmony that is often found in the body. Centuries ago, yogis discovered that through the use of meditation and yoga practices, they were able to address physical, mental and spiritual imbalances that were arising in themselves. Many yogis maintained perfect health on all levels.”

Animal World The Cove: Sundance Film Exposes Japanese Dolphin Slaughter in Grisly Footage by Clayton B. Cornell

“23,000 Dolphins are slaughtered each year in a hidden cove in Taiji, Japan. Each year, the Japanese government covered it up… The Cove exposes an atrocity of unimaginable brutality. The dolphin slaughter depicted here is committed yearly and without knowledge of the general Japanese public, even though they could be buying highly-toxic mercury-laden dolphin meat disguised as fish from their local supermarkets.”

Animal World Equinisitic Healing Certification by Liz Mitten Ryan

“For all of you who have known a calling to connect on levels that have long been forgotten, for those who catch glimpses of a time when we all walked and talked with God and all creation, when you connect with animals and all of nature, and for those who understand that our consciousness is all we can be forever, the experience is here. We are offering a new therapy that heals the therapist, the patient, and the animals assisting in the healing.”

Books Dreamgates – Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and Life Beyond Death by Robert Moss “Dreamgates may be more of a treasure map than a book — in the world of dream navigation, think “X” marks the spot for one jewel after another. Anything from Robert Moss is good, but this is one of his best. Originally published in 1998, and now newly reissued (by New World Library), Dreamgates is already a classic that rewards re-reading and greater study.”

Books The Science of Making Things Happen: Turn Any Possibility into Reality by Kim Marcille Romaner “Entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant Kim Romaner has spent years researching the latest advances in science and technology and then working with colleagues and clients to apply those discoveries in practical – and profitable – ways. In these pages, she reveals five principles from recent and little-known scientific discoveries that you can use right now to accomplish your dreams, whether those dreams are focused on career, relationships, fitness, creative projects, or business endeavors.”

Conscious Eating Free Food Movies on Hulu That You Will Want to Share from Katonah Green “I’m writing this post about Hulu because I’ve noticed on Hulu there are a larger percentage of environmentally conscious films and shows available, and a much higher percentage of ads are for things like wind power and solar energy and social activism. I’d so much rather have my kid watching something with those ads than the chemical cleaner and pharmaceutical ads on regular television.”

Wellbeing & Healing World’s Largest Medicineless Hospital by Luke Chan “This hospitalwas the largest of its kind in China and probably in the world. The Center avoided medicines and special diets in favor of exercise, love, and life energy. Itwas a non-profit organization andwas recognized by the Chinese government as a legitimate clinic. Over the years, the Center had treated more than one hundred and eighty diseases, the overall success rate being more than 95%. Due to political reasons, the Center was closed in 2001. Master Gu will teach the profound techniques prescribed by the world’s largest medicine-less Qigong hospital in China here in the US, in California. This hospital has a 95% success rate working with over 200,000 patients and treating more than 185 diseases.”


Dennis Lewis

A former businessman (co-founder and former president of Hi-Tech Public Relations*) and a long-time-student of Taoism, Advaita, and the Gurdjieff Work teaches the transformative power of presence through Authentic Breathing® , qigong, meditation, mindfulness, and self-inquiry. Dennis Lewis leads workshops throughout the United States, at venues such as Esalen Institute, The New York Open Center, The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and various qigong conferences.

Lewis’s book The Tao of Natural Breathing: For Health, Well-Being and Inner Growth was republished by Rodmell Press in May, 2006. His book Free Your Breath, Free Your Life: How Conscious Breathing Can Relieve Stress, Increase Vitality, and Help You Live More Fully was published by Shambhala Publications in May 2004. His newest book Breathe Into Being: Awakening to Who You Really Are, is published by Quest Books and available in the UK as of May 2009.

Dennis Lewis is a member of the National Qigong Association and is listed in Who’s Who in America. His website includes articles and other writings, events and workshops, books and audio, interviews and more!

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