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Merryn’s Musings by Merryn Jose

Looking at Sacred Geometry

I had a startling vision a couple of decades ago that led me to research Sacred Geometry. When I did, I was astonished to find that the beautiful symbols I saw in my vision have been known about and studied for thousands of years. From the Ancient Chinese geomancers to Plato, from the Egyptians and the Hindus, through to the modern work of Nassim Harimein (video), the same powerful geometric shapes recur over and over again.

Liminal Moments by Cheryl Shainmark
Letting Go with Both Hands
Several years ago I dreamed I was outside my house as a giant windstorm approached over the horizon. Like the buildup to a hurricane, the trees swayed, and leaves and debris blew over the lawn and through the air. I knew that it was urgent that I find shelter inside, but I was worried about my son and kept searching for him outside. A part of my mind knew that the dream was echoing reality: it was a truly tumultuous time in our household as our son went through a difficult period, moved out, and struggled to live independently. Back in my dream, reluctant to give up, I stayed outside until the storm was upon me.

The Unlikely Vegan Visits New York – by Phil Shainmark

So I went to NY to visit family, and while there I had some GREAT food. Got in on a 7 something flight that evening, and my Dad took me to an excellent Indian restaurant, with a buffet. They had a whole set up for Vegan/Vegetarian food. Not a surprise. But it was nice to walk into a place that wasn’t specifically a VEGAN restaurant, and not only have a ton of choices, but also have meat food for those who want. Yes, yes, I know, I’m supposed to be fighting the industry and trying to convince people that they shouldn’t be eating meat… But, I don’t want to. It’s a stupid move. And no one wants to listen to you tell them all the bad stuff about the food they’re about to eat. (More about this later.)


Mysterious Realities by Robert Moss

I have enjoyed and benefited from all of Robert Moss’ books over the years, but Mysterious Realities may be my new favorite. This collection of “just so stories,” as the author calls it, is fresh, intimate, and surprisingly topical. If you’re like me and find these current times murky, dense, and difficult to navigate, you need this book.

10 Powerful Essential Oils for Healing

Essential oils have long been used for Ayurvedic treatments and aromatherapy, but they are now increasingly popular in Western medicine. Long associated with their calming or soothing qualities, doctors are now treating everything from burns to cancer and diabetes to heart disease with plant based medicine and natural oils. In fact, a recent article in The Atlantic highlights the growing search in the medical community for essential oils to treat staph and other bacteria that have grown antibiotic resistant over the years. Many oils are famous for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, but new research indicates that many may have anticancer components as well.

Website of the Month

Visit Nettle Farm for Artisanal (and Ethical) Cheese

Nettle Meadow Farm and Artisan Cheese is located about an hour north of Albany, NY. Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila Flanagan have tended to their beautiful farm in the Adirondack Mountains since 1990, with dozens of sheep, over 300 goats, chickens, ducks, and a couple of guard llamas living off of the land and providing their milk to be turned into some of America’s most incredible, award winning cheeses.


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