Merlian News Podcast Interview with Teresa Hale of the Hale Clinic in London

Teresa Hale founded The Hale Clinic 19 years ago and has written two books on complimentary medicine. The Prince of Wales officially opened the Clinic in 1988. The Hale Clinic is the largest of its kind in Europe and has acted as a model for many complementary clinics around the world.

In fact, The Times Newspaper recently wrote,”Teresa Hale has had the most influence on the development of Complementary Medicine in the UK.”

In this interview, Teresa Hale discusses with Merryn Jose her life experiences, holistic medicine, conscious eating, and how Teresa came to start the Hale Clinic in London.

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by Merlian News
Teresa Hale is regarded as one of the world's leading "Health visionaries. She has played a major role in growth of Complementary Medicine over the last 17 years. The Prince of Wales opened the Clinic officially in 1988 and Teresa has been at the helm as Managing Director ever since.