Merlian News Podcast Interview with Jean Luc LaFitte

Jean Luc Lafitte graduated as a Chiropractor in 1995, and since then has gone on to study mineral nutrition and hypnotherapy. Prior to this he gained experience as a nurse’s aid among various other employments until finding his vocation. His most successful treatment has been in weight-loss. Jean Luc’s goal is to educate the person to take care of their life, he is not there to heal them but as a facilitator. He currently practices at the Hale Clinic in London.

In this interview Jean Luc discusses with Merryn Jose, his first book, When The Student is Ready The Master Will Appear.

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Merlian News Podcast Interviews Jean Luc Lafitte

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"If you throw Chiropractic treatment into this in relation to freeing up the central nervous system, you end up with a very powerful and all rounded holistic treatment. Often when people think of Chiropractic they think of clicking bones and discomfort, but this is far from the truth. A lot of the way you are treated depends on the Chiropractor and their background and beliefs." Jean Luc Lafitte