New Years Letter from Michael Brown: Completion, Transformation, Transition- Part 1

My Dearest Human Family,

On this day, 24th December 2006, it feels appropriate to sit quietly and write this New Year’s Letter for 2007. This is the Eve on which we celebrate a moment upon our long human journey when a fractal of Universal Consciousness was initiated within our evolutionary stream; the birth of a Christ/Krishna Presence among us. Although we appear to have lost the essence of this event amidst commercial manipulation, disposable wrapping paper, and obligatory presents, I still believe the resonance of this occasion — the Presence of Unity Consciousness and Co-Creative Spirit – still hold open a portal that was unlocked for us all some 2000 years ago.

This present moment of our human journey is a profoundly crucial time for us all because the light that shone through that Christed moment is now maturing and ready to illuminate our collective journey in a manner unprecedented in human history. What was then a seed has flowered and is ready to fruit. The ripening sweetness of the potential of this moment, when allowed to flavor our awareness, has the capacity to dilute and completely neutralize the bitterness of our unconscious, reactive past.

We are about to remember what forgiveness means beyond the mistaken interpretations of “right and wrong”.

In this light, it feels appropriate to birth this letter to you on the Eve that we celebrate the seeding of our human consciousness with the promise: “Yea are Gods”. It is my intent that this letter flavors our 2007 with the resonance of “conscious response” so that we may harvest our reward for being in human form at this time.

There are now only two significant currents flowing through our human family; revolution and evolution. Now is therefore a time of choosing. To revolt is “to react unconsciously to what we think is unfolding now based on what we think happened in the past and what we think will unfold in the future”. To evolve is “to respond consciously to what is unfolding now based on what we intuitively feel now”. Whichever stream of consciousness we enter within the next 13 full moons marks a point of no return for us individually and a point of transition for us collectively. 2007 is the moment of truth; the final separation of wheat and chaff. In the name of completion, transformation, and transition, it vibrates with the trinity of authenticity, integrity, and intimacy.

The evolutionary portal opens or closes for us depending solely on whether we react or respond to this moment in time.

After 2007 there will be no turning back, nor will there be an altering of our chosen course. We have reached the fork in the road as graphically illustrated for us by our Hopi Indian Elders; either we evolve like a flower transforming into a fruit, or we revolve like a withered plant being plowed back into the soil to become compost for the seeding of new life cycle. Either we embrace our spiritual parenthood by consciously stewarding our collective human family into Unity-Consciousness through our own example, or we embrace Polarity-Consciousness and relinquish the profound invitation to “stand with our feet in the physical and our awareness consciously in communion with the vibrational”.

After 2007 there will no longer be a fence to sit on; we either consciously dismantle the fence or we are unconsciously imprisoned by it. It does not matter whether we believe in fate, destiny, or karma – the fact is we still have a choice:

More than ever, whatever we place our attention upon NOW is what becomes real for us NOW.

We have all made it this far. If we can muster the presence of body, mind, heart, and soul to ground and center ourselves for a few more moments in time we shall experience a harvest of awareness more bountiful than humanity can presently conceive. This is the invitation to you within this letter; prepare, embrace, allow, accept, respond, and transform. The scheduled awakening of a Shared Universal Presence within our human family is the gift that entered the consciousness of our planet some 2000 years ago. It has been humbly placed at our feet and we are now invited to unwrap it through conscious response. The card upon this gift reads:

“You are The Presence that has been placed beneath the branches of the human family tree. Be as a child on Christmas morning and unwrap this dawning moment with your fullest attention. Reach within the package of your physical form and bring your authentic vibrational essence out to be shared upon the table of human experience. You are the decoration, the lights, the gift, and the bountiful feast for all who suffer from unconscious reactivity. Be, through your example, as you would have others be, and let your Universal Family take care of all the small details.

Let US in to your heart so the celebration of The Harvest may begin.”

As with previous New Year’s Letters, I am going to consult my personal relationship with numbers as a means to discuss what has just been, 2006, and what is now unfolding, 2007. The intent of this discussion is to bring awareness to the schedule upon which our humanity presently glides and how we may individually respond to it. We begin with a brief recap of 2006.

In South Africa we have a word that appropriately describes the year that has been:


“Ayissh” is a word used to communicate an emotional response or reaction to an experience when all other descriptive words are rendered impotent. It is pronounced “ay-i-ssh”, like saying the word “ace” with a “sh” instead of a “c”. The reason I mention this word, and pay particular attention to its pronunciation, is because we will all need a word like this in our arsenal of responsive or reactive vocabulary over the next year. If you think this last year slammed you onto the mat and attempted to count you out, then there is only one word for what is coming in 2007: “Ayissh!”

2006 was the year of “activation” and there is nothing more disturbing than the frequency of activation when we are trying to remain asleep. Let us briefly examine the frequency of the numbers making up 2006:

2 (action) + 00 (two zeros meaning activity from within or vibrations emanating powerfully from our Source) + 6 (the number of love – its authentic translation being “evolve”) = 8 (and when 8 is active we have “active eight”, or “activate”).

What this means is that 2006 was the year in which our awareness alarm clock went off. This “alarming” frequency may have entered our conscious awareness in the following ways:

During 2006 we experienced an upheaval within our relationship/s. Inauthentic relationships of all kinds, beginning with the one we have with ourselves, then with our families, lovers and friends, extending outward into all our social interactions, would have had any ongoing lack of integrity or authentic intimacy brought to light. It is now obvious to us, if we are paying attention, that we can no longer tolerate inauthenticity within ourselves and within all our human relationships. It is now too unbearable to “be together but not present within the togetherness”. Either we break through the emotional blockages that keep us living together in quiet desperation, or we break away from “the relationship” we are in entirely. Staying together “for the sake of the children” or because we share a photo album of past memories is no longer feasible. To do so is physical, mental, and emotional suicide. 2006 focused intently on “relationship” and laid the groundwork for the possibility of real authenticity, integrity, and intimacy with ourselves and others. This energetic adjustment, which may have erupted as an emotional Tsunami for some, or the gradual dawning of a new way of being with each other for others, is necessary in paving the way for Unity Consciousness, Collective Co-creativity, and the establishment of a Universal Family Frequency. Unless we are authentic, have integrity, and are able to be intimate with ourselves and those closest to us, we cannot radiate this resonance into the rest of our human family. And if we cannot radiate this resonance into our human family, there is no way our awareness can open itself up to embrace the Divine Presence of our evolved Universal Family who are eager for us to join them as fully awakened Sons and Daughters of Creation. This movement within our awareness about “the nature of relationship” continues with added momentum into 2007. To assist us to bring this adjustment into fruition it is important we grasp a few insights before they thrust themselves upon us in a manner resulting in multiple “Ayissh” moments. The first insight is that “we are only responsible for our own experience”. To believe otherwise is arrogance. It is only by being fully responsible for our experience and radiating such an example that we are able to authentically facilitate our children, partners, family, friends, and community. The most efficient way to take responsibility for our experience is to as quickly as possible move our awareness to the causal point of our experience and to anchor it there. Right now the causal point of our experience is sourced in “how we feel about what is happening in each moment”. Do we feel at peace or do we feel in conflict? When we feel at peace others in our midst can cool off in the shade of our harmonious resonance. When we are in conflict others around us reflect this confusion and behave accordingly. If we are in a state of conflict about any aspect of our experience then our highest and most noble task is to immediately seek authentic resolution to this conflict. Authentic resolution does not mean “insisting the world around us change so that we can feel at ease”; it necessitates turning within and examining where our own energies are blocked in relation to the experience that is currently upsetting us. Through restoring balance to our internal emotional condition, harmony is automatically radiated into our mental activity and subsequently reflected within our physical circumstances. This is one of our sacred tasks for 2007: Bringing resolution to our points of internal conflict. The next insight, and one that is related to the first, is that we can no longer afford to carry anyone. Martyrs will exhaust themselves and perish in 2007. Those of us addicted to “helping”, who have our identities wrapped up in such behavior, had more than our fair share of “Ayissh” moments in 2006. The reality is this: We now all have the exact amount of energy at our disposal required for our individual evolutionary responsibilities — no more, no less. If we continue to insist on using the energy allotted to us for personal transformation in an attempt to carry/save/rescue another, we will fall short when push comes to shove, and those we carry will also fall short because by carrying them we automatically deprive them of the ability to learn how to tap into their own energy recourses. If we are carrying anyone right now we are in for a rude awakening: When we drop them, which we will do during the course of 2007, their feet will land exactly within the footprints from which we lifted them off the ground. This disheartening realization, of how much time and personal energy has been wasted through us reflecting our unintegrated needs and wants onto others, may be too much for us to bear. Or, it may be a profound point of transformation. Rather than waiting for the Universe to force our hand in this matter, it is recommended we gently put down those that we have been carrying so that we have a chance to realign our energy flow and they a chance to rediscover theirs.

· During 2006 aspects of our life experience that have been with us for a long time appear to be finishing. During the last 12 months another frequency that was activated was “completion”. For those of us who still believe we are in control of and can sedate the Universe according to our personally-driven “five-year-plan for success and happiness”, this completion frequency would have appeared as “an interruption”. We may even still be of the mind that we can put things back on track “the way they are supposed to be going” instead of the way they evidently are. The sooner we gracefully back away from such arrogance the quicker we exit the state of discomfort such thinking fuels. Our “five-year-plans for success and happiness” are based on our unintegrated needs and wants, while the Universes “Six Billion Year Plan” is being orchestrated for the conscious evolution of the human species. Guess which plan is going to reign supreme? Now is not the time to place our bets on an ant that happens to be moving along a racetrack in the midst of a thoroughbred Derby. The sudden and unexpected changes that occurred in the direction of our experience in 2006 are designed to align our compasses for 2007. It is important to take note of which way we were headed when these shifts happened, and which way we ended up heading after the “bump” occurred. The Universe invites us all to succeed, however, 2007 will bear evidence that it will clearly not support stray egos fueled by self-indulgent intent. We either willingly changed course in 2006, or we were bumped off coursed by “circumstances beyond our control”; both are the same experience and occurred for our highest benefit. If something is ending, let it. If something is dying, be with it compassionately as it passes beyond the veil of our present experience. If we hold onto the receding past we will have our arms ripped off and subsequently bleed to death.


· During 2006 something new awoke and began grabbing our attention. This may have been something so small that it almost escaped our awareness, or it may have been the rumblings of something momentous. This activation of “something new” comes to us all the way from 2008; it is our future being seeded into the currents of the present moment. This birth of this “something new” may not even appear significant now, yet it is. Also, our approach to whatever this aspect of newness is in our life experience may not be characteristic of the way we have approached “newness” in the past. Often when new things awake within our experience we have made absolute or concrete proclamations like, “This is my new career”, or “This is what I am going to be”, or “This is what I am going to do from now onwards”. Yet this newness that is now peeking into our present experience would not have caused us to behave in this manner. This is because it is the murmurings from a state of being whose currency we may not yet have a vocabulary with which to interact. Yet, whatever it is, its resonance attracts us with curiosity and wonder, like the gentle sound of a child laughing in a seeming barren wilderness. If we have not yet experienced the whisperings of this “newness” frequency, pay attention, it becomes increasingly vocal in 2007. Follow this voice no matter the mind’s commentary. Listen, trust, and follow. It may initially appear alien, even extraterrestrial, but it is not. It is a resonance of fruit in the consciousness of the flower.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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