NHNE: The Near Death Experience Network

Over 40 years after Dr. Raymond Moody first coined the phrase “near death experience” in his 1975 bestseller, “Life After Life,” there has been an explosion of new books, new experiences and increased acceptance of these once rare events. One of the leading websites for documenting these phenomena is NHNE, The Near Death Experience Network at http://nhneneardeath.ning.com/

With a vast library of videos, research, resources and support, the NHNE has much to offer either the casual browser or the serious student. As it says on the website, “This network has been created for people who are interested in exploring all aspects of the near-death experience (and related phenomena) — and meeting others who share similar interests. For an overview of this important topic, see David Sunfellow’s video presentation “How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World”. For fast-breaking news, information, and links to NDE-related books, videos, websites and other resources, check out NHNE’s NDE pages on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and NHNE Pulse. NHNE also sponsors these important NDE websites: NDE Stories and NHNE NDE.”

Just a sample of the videos can be eye-opening: check out writer/director Jeremy Kagan’s life changing “The Near Life and Death of Jeremy Kagan.” Or watch a few minutes of the interview with Anita Moorjani, author of “Dying to be Me,” or the interview with Eben Alexander, author of “Proof of Heaven.” If you don’t want to watch the videos you can just order the books, or chat online with others who share your interest.

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