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This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

Podcasts: Consciousness Merlian News Podcasts with Dr. Jude Currivan On Her Latest Book, CosMos (A Co-creator’s Guide To The Whole World): Part 2

In this podcast, Merryn Jose discusses with Dr. Jude Currivan the importance of 2012,discarnate beings such as Thoth, 8 cosmic principles, Dr. Currivan’s understanding of our ‘cosmic destiny’, what the signs of the Shift are, how we can become more conscious co-creators, and much more! Dr. Currivan is a scientist, healer, sensitive and cosmic geomancer with a lifetime’s study of consciousness and metaphysics. She holds a PhD in Archaeology, researching ancient cosmologies and a Masters Degree in Physics, studying quantum physics and cosmology. Dr. Currivan has also worked with and learned from the elders and shamans of many wisdom traditions and is the author of three books The Wave, The 8th Chakra, The 13th Step, and co-author with Dr. Ervin Laszlo of CosMos (A Co-creator’s Guide To The Whole World), published by Hay House August2008.

Podcasts: Channeling & Mediumship Merlian News Podcasts with Ronald Hearn In this podcast, Ronald Hearnspeaks to Merryn Jose about when he first discovered he was psychic, his book “The Little Boy Who Listened”, his relationship with Arthur Molinary,his proxy tapes and how they came to be, his future plans for an autobiography and more! Ronald Hearn is an internationally respected and acclaimed medium. Born in London in 1927, he first discovered his gifts at the age of 25 and quickly went on to build up a worldwide reputation for the accuracy of both his private consultations and public demonstrations. He pioneered the use of tape-recorded sittings and has made numerous appearances on television and radio.

Consciousness Light Limits Us To The Speed Of Light: Part 2 by Laurel Botsford Let us think for a moment of a thought. Imagine. Although the physical manifestation of the neural processes is devastatingly slow in the cosmic sense, think of how quickly we can place ourselves in distant locals in our imagination. We attain a non-visible, non-tangible in our light world existence and this existence can place us seemingly instantaneously close-by Jupiter, for example, when anything else takes human minutes (sunlight) to human years (space probes) to arrive. In addition, our imaginary precision is pin-point perfect, light-weight, and floating without laborious hours of calculating trajectories, gravitational pulls and fuel consumption. We think it, we imagine it, and we are there. But why stop at Jupiter?

Books Sugar Free Me…An Inspirational Book for Diabetic Teens and Their Loved Ones by Naomi Kingery

Says Kingery, “My book is important for the diabetic community. It talks about faith, health, experiences, and growth as a teenager with a fragile body. I’m eager to get it into the hands of the people who need it: diabetic teens and their loved ones. I was diagnosed almost seven years ago and tracked my experiences as time went on. I learned more with each page that I added to this book and was open and vulnerable [about] how it feels to live a sugar-free life.”

Books CosMos — A Co-creator’s Guide to the Whole-World by Ervin Lazlo and Jude Currivan ” While scientists may labor away toward the goal of a comprehensive “Theory of Everything,” Lazlo and Currivan sound they’re getting close — CosMos presents an all inclusive cosmology that starts with the birth of the universe and continues up to our current time and the evolutionary shift that is upon us now. If it sounds like the authors are getting ahead of themselves, or the scientists, it’s because they are taking the broader view, compiling many different research studies — more than any one scientist could focus on — and coming up with startling results.”

Books The Hidden Spirituality of Men — Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine By Matthew Fox

Don’t think for one second that this is a book only for men — women can benefit from this as well — at the very least, they can help the men in their life to become comfortable and open about their spirituality, and that is no small thing. But at a deeper level, women can re-awaken their own masculine energy and learn to honor it. As the author points out, women tend to equate male energy with violence, greed and domination and become unbalanced themselves as a result of ignoring or stifling what they consider to be “masculine” impulses. This is as skewed a perspective in its own right, as the traditional patriarchal denigration of feminine energies that has been going on until relatively recently, and just as harmful.

Astrology Election 2008- The Candidates – Planetary Influences by Regine Urbach In astrology each sign is associated with a specific house. The sign of Leo, prominent in Obama’s chart, rules the 5th house, where we experience our creative self expression, and see ourselves reflected in the eyes of others. The sign of Virgo, prominent in McCain’s chart, rules the 6th house, where we come up against our limitations in the form of health, daily chores, work, service, etc. McCain’s POW experience, where his teeth and bones were broken, is indicated by his 12th house Venus opposite his 6th house Saturn.

Holistic Events TOTALLY WHOLISTIC and the CHANGE OF MILLENNIUM by Dr. Amy Beller The goal of TotallyWholistic.com is to create a grassroots community of like minded practitioners and professionals who are in support of each other, fulfilling the needs of the community, providing goods and services that support the whole, and placing value in substance, consciousness, and healing rather than in being number one.



Now you can read all about John of God. This authorized portrait of John of God’s life, and the healing experiences people have shared through his work, is an uplifting and astounding book that offers hope, joy and inspiration.

From here, you can purchase John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who’s Touched the Lives of Millions, arrange to visit the John of God Casa with authors Heather Cumming and Karen Leffler in Brazil, and shop for jewelry blessed by John of God.

You can read more about John of God and listen to the podcasts with Heather Cumming at www.merliannews.com

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