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This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

Podcasts: Consciousness Merlian News Podcasts with Dr. Raymond Moody In these podcasts, Merryn Jose discusses with Dr. Moody the many topics from his recentbook Glimpses of Eternity Sharing a Loved One’s Passage From This Life To The Next: Near Death Experiences, His personal experiences with NDE’s, Psychomanteum chambers/Oracles of the dead, Mirror neurons, Plato, Aristotle, Spirit Guides, Emanuel Swedenburg, The case of Pam Reynolds, Documentation of NDE’s over the years, and more! Dr. Moody is a world renowned leader in the area of near death studies, having coined the phrase “near death experience” and penned over 11 books on the subject. His famous book, Life After Life, has sold 13 million copies worldwide and has just been re-released for its 25th anniversary edition. Also just published is Dr. Moody’s latest book Glimpses of Eternity Sharing a Loved One’s Passage From This Life To The Next, published by Guideposts.

Feng Shui Feng Shui And How It Works by Dr. Oksana Cheh

What is the basis of Feng Shui? Dr. Cheh says Feng Shui is based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, particularly on the idea that the land is alive and filled with Chi, or energy. This universal energy is the energy that permeates everything around us, including our bodies. The ancient Chinese believed that the land’s energy could either make or break the happiness.

Books Healing by David Elliott “This self-love creates an exchange with the Universe that “connects you to the larger Universal Energy Flow and the Grace that flows back to you from it.” The successful result is profound inner peace, happiness, a sense of absolute gratitude for life and healing. Elliott’s style is warm and personal, as he shares stories from his own healing and from his clients’ experience of the process. More than two-dozen exercises lead the reader toward the deep insights and experience required to heal. This one is for your permanent library.”

Books Hard Times Require Furious Dancing by Alice Walker “Alice Walker is beloved for her ability to speak her own truth in ways that speak for and about countless others. Here she confronts personal and collective challenges in words that dance, sing, and heal…As Walker writes in her preface, the “empty” half of a glass holds “a rainbow that could exist only in the vacant space.” Musing on the role of dance, which gives this collection its title, she writes, “though we have encountered our share of grief and troubles on this earth, we can still hold the line of beauty, form, and beat. No small accomplishment in a world as challenging as this one.” ”

Media UFO’s Spotted Across USA and Other Countries On October 13th, 2010 by Dena Ventrudo

Many of us saw the news reports of the UFO sightings in Chelsea, NYC on October 13th, 2010. News reporters andgovernment officials have said the UFO’s seen during the daywere balloons. While this is probably the case, all the footage shown on the news was taken during the day. At night, footage shows the remaining UFO’s to be illuminated reddish, much like the UFO’s spotted all across the US and other countries on the same day… What sets the October 13th sightings apart from previous ones, is that they were reported across the country and in Russia (as of now, more reports are coming in) on a date that these events were predicted.

Wellbeing & Healing Two Categories Of Fear – Piercing The Mystery by Triza Schultz Triza Schultz says, “We are the heroes and heroines on a voyage toward wholeness. That’s a part of what we’re here to do. We choose and chart a path of discovery we all must take in degrees throughout our lives to grow, and achieve balance and harmony. Achieving that is the equivalent to the spiritual Holy Grail Cup and the Philosopher’s Stone. We have much to unlearn and much more to learn. Raise the Grail Cup to us all, and for heaven’s sake, don’t forget to dance!”

Wellbeing & Healing Interview on Therapy and Spiritual Goals with Richard Harvey

Richard Harvey answers questions about personal problems, therapy and spiritual goals.”Teaching spiritual wisdom and practices is simply referring you to your inner understanding, which is innate in you as a human being. I distinguish between the act of teaching and assuming the role of teacher, because everyone should be their own teacher.”

Wellbeing & Healing 10 Reasons To Lose Just 10 by Dr. Oz “Your omentum is the pouch that contains your belly fat. The extra weight you are carrying on your omentum begins to squeeze your kidneys. Your blood pressure raises and your liver fattens; the accumulation of this fat characterizes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. This added weight leaves your liver unable to process toxins. Over time, your liver hardens, and scar tissue begins to build up to replace liver cells. This scarring is called cirrhosis, which leaves you feeling tired and groggy. Weight loss will allow your liver to recover. As it repairs itself, it decreases the toxins in your body. You’ll see changes in how you feel and behave.”

Dreams In The Dream House, There Are Many Mansions by Robert Moss

“The state of a dream house may reflect the state of the body. If the dream house is in need of repairs, or there’s a problem with the plumbing or the furnace, I’ll think about whether there are health advisories here. The dream house may also be the house of the psyche. Different rooms may represent different functions, of body or soul. The kitchen may represent the digestive system, or the state of our family, or of our creativity (since the kitchen is the place where we cook things up and often the hub of family life)…”



MUFON officially began on May 31, 1969. At that time it was known as the Midwest UFO Network. As it outgrew the Midwestern state boundaries to become a world class UFO organization, the name was changed to Mutual UFO Network. That allowed the acronym MUFON to remain as the organization matured. Allen Utke, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Wisconsin State University was selected as the first MUFON Director. A year later Walter H. Andrus, Jr., replaced Dr. Utke as the MUFON Director, a position he held until 2000 when he retired and John F. Schuessler took over as International Director. John retired in November 2006 and James Carrion became the current International Director.

Their Mission: “The Analytical and Scientific Study of the UFO Phenomenon for the Benefit of Humanity.”

Their Goals:

I. Investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide.

II. Promote Research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet.

III. Educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.

IV. Ensure the Economic Viability of MUFON such that the organization achieves its mission and goals

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