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The gathering of a vibrant community of people and the excitement of the new ways to connect is a prime baseline motivational aspect of Om -Times magazine. Our inspiration is the creativity, the vitality and the spirit of our writers, holistic healers and artists. We are proud to highlight people that are re-shaping and re-creating our society through different standpoints , opening new horizons, bringing new viewpoints and different angles of a variety of situations and topics.


The interconnectiveness among all human beings and, consequently, the relationship among all beings is the limelight of this section. The dynamics of the web of connections we make is one of the most prominent aspects of human existence: the real factors to interlace with each others existence in a meaningful way. The different types of relationships, interactions, and exchanges are the primary focus of examination on this interesting section.

Health & Healing

Innovative new approaches to healing as well as holistic methods of dealing with health issues and personal growth are the main spotlights of the OM-Times Community. We strive to bring to the table the new holistic and alternative ways to deal with some of old physical/emotional/spiritual body paradigms.

Healing Cuisine

Our body is the primary temple of our Spirit. The concern and care of it is of vital relevance in how we travel through and experience our Human experience. Om-Times’ Cuisine is an eclectic collection of the different aspects of cooking and nutrition. Cultural and spiritual knowledge of our food can bring a new understanding on healing and the medicinal and curative elements of food.


The Om-Times newsletter is a bi-weekly periodical that is electronically delivered to the emails of our subscribers. It provides the community with recent news, interesting articles, exciting events, and who is who in the spiritual community.


Our Bookstore was designed to showcase the authors within this Community as well as provide Recommended Reading in different facets of Healing and personal growth.

Just Spiritual

To perceive reality from a different perspective is to open oneself to the wonders and unlimited wealth of creation. It is to acknowledge being a part of a constant vibrant multi-frequency, multi-layered and multi-dimensional Universe. Spiritual Reality envelopes much more than can easily be translated or understood. Om-Times Magazine offers the unique opportunity to visit new places, new methods, and different ways to perceive the vast human knowledge of our Universe.

The Shift

For all that are traveling the winding roads of Self-Knowledge, it is necessary to keep up with energy alerts, without losing the perspective of what is real or not. Without the explicit intention to be iconoclastic, OM-Times’ primes in bringing you an actual examination of the Cosmic reality, the flow of energy and its influence in individual life journeys. It is a broader critical lens with a baseline of authenticity and genuine analysis. We understand that the multiplicity of these phenomena cannot be translated based solely from an individual perspective.

Creative Expressions

There are many Paths to Healing. The many expressions of the human nature cannot be restricted to limited perspectives and points of view. In this section we bring the possibilities of creation in its diverse aspects as a supportive tool and fundamental resource on how to help ourselves express our thoughts, translate feelings and manifest archetypical energy patterns.

Digital Media

Our Digital Media Center is a combination of a variety of channels that provide a dynamic daily musical/visual library of interesting issues and thought-provoking content for our present reality.

Featured Columnists Featured Contributing Musicians

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Following a unique perspective, Om-Times Magazine organizes its article sections by areas of concentration, or thematic subjects. These areas were chosen to give both a broad vision and to amplify the realms of possibilities included within each theme, without overlooking the fundamental element of interconnectiveness among all things. For instance, our cooking section is more than an agglomeration of recipes, it is a dive into the different worlds of nutrition, health and medicinal properties of food; nevertheless, we do not lose the perspective of practicality and expediency for daily needs.