On Water Alone by Dena Ventrudo

Just when the gas prices seemed to be a losing battle, there’s a spark of hope – actually, more like a drop- a rain drop.

Denny Klein, from Hydrogen Technologies in Clearwater, FL, has developed water fuel. This water fuel is so effective, everyone wants it from major US auto companies to the US government.

I had heard about this Earth saving discovery from my significant other, who directed me to Youtube.com where there are a myriad of video interviews by various newscasters, revealing Mr. Klein’s water fuel. He originally planned to use this machine for welding, but when the gas prices got high, he tried a little experiment- and it worked!

I did a little research and found the following article by a news station in Oklahoma.

“It’s called “Aquagen.” A Florida company is currently testing the new gas, which they make from mixing water and electricity. The process of mixing water with electicity is called electrolysis…

His Ford Escort runs on a combination of gas and water. As he drives down the road the water turns to gas, powering the vehicle and using half the normal amount of gasoline.

Here’s how it works: The machine runs voltage throughout the water, creating gas. The gas is cooled in another compartment, then dried. Once it’s dried, you have a gas that is ready to burn.

What’s unusual about Aquagen is that the hydrogen and oxygen stay connected. So you get the atomic power of hydrogen with the chemical stability of water.

Klein says, the water molecule is restructured when a tremendous amount of energy is mixed with a catalyst.

Aquagen stays at a consistent heat until it’s mixed with something else, creating a reaction. The gas heats to the melting point of whatever it touches. It can burn a hole through charcoal, slice steel, and turn a brass ball to liquid. It also reacts to gasoline, helping run an engine before turning back to water.

Klein says the technology isn’t new. He says others have tried it, but they used so much electricity that their inventions never took off….

Klein says, “We estimate it costs around $0.70 per hour to generate, and it produces 1,500 liters of aquagen per hour.”

Steve Lusko works for the company, and says since this story first aired they have received calls from technology officers of General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and the biggest industrial companies in the country.”

So a plan that began as welding with water has now turned into a possible fuel that can safely power vehicles.” ( http://www.ksbitv.com/hotlinks/2856476.html )

This is an amazing breakthrough not only for science, but for our society and our environment. With the patent safely in Denny Klein’s hands, we can hope and work a for cleaner, safer, and more affordable future.

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by Dena Ventrudo
Dena Ventrudo is the Assistant Editor of Merlian News. She is a published poet and creative writer. Dena volunteered as an environmentalist with the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) for three years serving as a project leader, an intern, and a board representative. She has a BA in Liberal Studies.