Physics of the Soul by Amit Goswami

What do you get when you mix one part quantum physics with four parts spiritual inquiry? “The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation and Immortality”, Amit Goswami’s Physics of the Soul. From life to death to life again Goswami uses examples of quantum physics to not only convince the possibility, but the probability of life after death, reincarnation and even immortality.Goswami provides very detailed and well supported answers to the big questions we all ask. Why are we here? What happens when we die? What is death? and so on. Though many of the answers found in this book only lead to other questions, these questions are easier to think about, they have more substance and leave you feeling more satisfied, safe, and comfortable when considering the more intimidating aspects of death and the afterlife.Be prepared to have a portion of your beliefs logically attacked or supported using some of the most recent techniques and sciences available. I can think of nothing that could, at present, stand against Goswami’s claims, with maybe the exception of a very high faith in opposing beliefs.Though this book is not as gentle a read as some reviewers might lead you to believe, it is quite digestible with an open mind and some extra time. A word of caution goes out to those who might consider themselves rookies of this relatively young genre of new science. I myself had very little prior experience and found my every waking moment for about a month was centered around adapting myself to a very profound new view of the way I perceive life. Not unwelcome but potentially… uncomfortable at times. Admittedly afraid of understating the value of this book to anyone who wants to learn more, I can not say much more. Without question, worth every second you put in and then some.

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by Eugene Kelly
Amit Goswami, Ph.D. (web site) earned his Ph.D. from Calcutta University in theoretical nuclear physics in 1964 and has been a professor of physics at the University of Oregon since 1968. He taught physics for 32 years in this country, mostly in Oregon, before fully retiring in 2003. Dr. Goswami was a senior scholar in residence at the Institute of Noetic Sciences during 1998-2000. He teaches quite regularly at the Holmes Institute and the Philosophical Research University in L.A.; Pacifica in Santa Barbara, CA; and UNIPAZ in Portugal.