Reboot and Rejoice: How I healed from PD using the body/mind practice of Qigong

Reboot and Rejoice is a wonderfully personal account of the author’s full recovery from Parkinson’s Disease using qigong. Ms. Molle shares her regimen, including details of the specific teachers, CDs, websites, etc., that she used to facilitate her healing. Now, more than three years after her recovery, she shares the specifics, as well as her reflections on the healing process.

Ms. Molle opens with a bit of background, but then dives right into her healing journey. She writes, “It took sixty years and Parkinson’s Disease for me to realize that life can only be lived to the fullest when body and mind unite, that this can be best be accomplished through the mind-body disciplines, and that in the process, spirituality emerges as the authentic self begins to reappear. Today I continue to reap the benefits of this epiphany, not without wonder and not without pain. Feeling on all levels has returned, rendering me fully alive and completely vulnerable.”

The author narrates how, scared of decreasing mobility and increasing medications, she turned to Wisdom Healing Qigong. She thanks Master Mingtong Gu (and his mentor, Dr. Pang Ming) and the Chi Center in California, and writes how she used his Sound Healing CDs as part of her regimen. She also mentions an intensive healing retreat in China, and how her energy shifted once she made the decision to go there. Unlike most recovery books though, Ms. Molle makes it clear that her healing was never about perfection or precision in her practice, but more about making the committment to do it every day and doing the best she could with it. This is very encouraging stuff for anyone facing a healing journey of their own.


“Bianca is at the forefront to support and inspire you.” Master Mingtong Gu of The Chi Center

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by Cheryl Shainmark