Rebuilding after Sandy

Here at Merlian News we were offline, and literally “powerless” for the last two weeks — as a result, and for the first time in years, there will be no Merlian Newsletter for the month of November. As frustrating as this was, we find ourselves grateful that we, and our loved ones, came through intact. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy there are so many who have lost everything and we’d like to mention a few organizations that people may donate to, or volunteer for, to aid in the rebuilding efforts. We also hold the victims of Sandy, the relief workers, and the Earth itself in our prayers and meditation. We offer up the Twin Heart meditation developed by Master Stephen Co and GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui for the greatest healing.

The Red Cross – The Red Cross continues to focus on reaching as many people as possible who need our help. Your help is urgently needed to continue to support relief efforts. Getting supplies and meals and water into affected areas is the top priority. Since the beginning of the Sandy relief effort:

Nearly 5,900 Red Cross workers have been deployed from all 50 states to operations from North Carolina to Rhode Island, with the majority still in Greater New York and throughout New Jersey. More than 3.5 million meals and snacks have been served. The Red Cross has distributed more than 177,000 relief items such as clean-up kits and hygiene kits.

Please donate today . Financial donations make the greatest and most immediate impact, helping the Red Cross provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by disasters like Hurricane Sandy.

ADRA – Adventist Development & Relief Agency Over the last week, since Hurricane Sandy brought devastation to parts of the Caribbean and the United States, ADRA International’s commitment to helping victims continues and remains strong through its ongoing recovery efforts.

At the onset of the hurricane, ADRA went into action in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Haiti where homes have been damaged or destroyed, thousands of families displaced, and at least 71 people have lost their lives. ADRA has worked tirelessly around-the-clock in each affected country. Efforts include the distribution of blankets, water, food vouchers, hygiene kits, housing kits, kitchen kits, and food kits. ADRA Netherlands, ADRA UK, ADRA Norway, and ADRA Spain have all joined ADRA International by committing funds for further relief and rebuilding work in the region.

‘It is during catastrophic events like these that ADRA’s network, professional expertise, and disaster emergency response experience brings to light the loving commitment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through its humanitarian organization that is equipped and dedicated to bring immediate relief to those affected by natural disasters around the world,’ said Mario Ochoa, Senior Vice President for Network Relations.

Donations for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts through ADRA International, may be done online at or by phone 800-424-2372.

Doctors Without Borders Every day, Doctors Without Borders field staff provides urgent medical care to victims of armed conflict, brings emergency relief in the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters and fights deadly epidemics. Your generous support helps make it possible.

Click here to donate to Doctors Without Borders

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