Reconnecting to Your Heart: A Guided Meditation from the Angels

As a mystic, I have been receiving information and guidance from the angels since I was a very young girl. As I watch the news, what I see is a world of souls searching to make sense of the daily Surprise that is thrown upon us.  Recently in my meditation The Archangels (the architects of the Heavenly Realms) came to me with a message for our time. I would like to share this with you.

” We the Archangels of Light are here with you now.  We are walking among you.  All we need to accomplish our mission to help humanity is for enough of you to open your hearts and become aware of the Oneness of All, that we, you and we and every aspect of creation are part of One Living Being. This state of understanding will bring the necessary wisdom for the wars of your world to cease.  At this time, your world has a window of opportunity. The winds of grace are blowing. We are here to bring you the strength of heart you need to reconnect with every other heart. Perseverance will bring the virtue of your full heart’s potential.  Stay the course with tenacity for this is what will turn the ship of destiny around in your personal life as well as in your world as a whole.”

The Archangels ask us to break open our limited belief patterns and peer inside, for there is our hidden and lost light and our power to truly transform our world. In order to do this, we are being summoned to dive deep into the heart of our hearts.

Since you were first born, there have been many disappointments and many betrayals. But these painful experiences need not stop you from expanding and living the truth of your heart. It is possible to live a beautiful heart-centered and fulfilling life. Your heart is the great magnifier. And your heart is young in this world. As you heal trauma and clear the obstacles to understanding love in your heart, an unfolding of divine presence occurs.  Your heart is the engine of your feelings and emotions. As your feelings align with the Oneness of All Creation, you enter into the original pattern of humanity; a pattern that heals instead of harms, a pattern of tolerance instead of intolerance, peace instead of war, love instead of hate.  You are free.  This is spiritual freedom. In spiritual freedom your mind, body, spirit and heart release enormous quantities of transforming energy, the radiant light which reconnects us soul to soul.

When we come together in the magnificence of who we are as noble, dignified human beings, grounded in our virtue, grounded in the core value of who we are, we are living in the heart of reconnected consciousness.  When we come together to clear our trauma, we open the door to attaining wisdom.  When we’ve cleared the obstacles to love we are free.  Spiritual freedom is the radiating connection between all living things. It is what heals. It is the language of nature.  It is what the trees use to speak to one another around the globe.  In spiritual freedom you have the ability to send a message around the globe. The only thing keeping you from fulfilling that divine prophecy of spiritual freedom is that you think your obstacles are insurmountable. But that is just not true. What you think you believe from your past lives, this life, family patterns and DNA are really only fragments of used energy held up in your nervous system which are relayed to your heart.  Your heart interprets this pre-used energy and returns the old pattern of messages to your brain, which sends it back to your nervous system, continuing the cycle of limiting beliefs. For example, you may think, “Oh, I’m depressed because so and so didn’t call me back,” when your depression actually stems from an old pattern of loss, a non-truth from the past that does not truly exist now. Non-truths cause disconnection between us.

Here is a simple beginning meditation from Archangel Ariel that has helped me break this cycle of disconnection.  Try this short meditation and see what magic grows.

With your minds inner eye, look into your heart. Imagine that inside of your heart is the most beautiful rose, a beautiful, incredible flower of light. In the middle of this rose there are many gemstones of light. These gemstones of light are dancing and spinning, and as they turn they are like sparklers emitting a rainbow of light.  Hold your attention on this jewelled center in your heart. Now think of someone you love, someone you love so much that when you think of them your heart just melts. Do you feel it?  Take that feeling of love in your heart for that person, place, or thing that makes your heart melt, and place this feeling of love within those spinning gems of light until they become a ring of light pulsating from your heart to form a ring of light around your heart. Allow this ring of light to turn. The Divine Presence is effortlessly clearing and rejuvenating your heart, radiating in pulses of love. This is the language of love, the language of nature filling your body.

You can even take this journey one step further. Take a deep breath. Is there someone you don’t feel love for—someone who is really giving you a problem, either now or in the past? Take this feeling of love, the ring of light from your heart, and imagine you are giving this to them as a gift.  What happens?  Effortless forgiveness. Feel the gems stones of love expanding. This is a mystical experience of changing a harmful pattern. This is how to energetically heal old wounds, misunderstandings and pain.  This is how you enter into the Oneness Factor of all things.

How do you feel inside of your body now? How does your heart feel? Greet life with your open heart. Experience the inner peace of a free heart, and more happiness, greater opportunity, synchronicity, and wisdom will follow. This is reconnecting to your heart.

The big task of healing our world is going to take all of us; it’s going to take you, me and millions of others. By doing this simple heart meditation daily, you have taken a big step to healing.  I have committed my life to this practice, and my life has been filled with miracle after miracle in health, prosperity and love. But this only happens when I make my daily practice of re-connecting to my heart my top priority. Give it a try; you might be happily surprised by the results!

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by Deirdre Hade