Return To Eternity: New C.D.’s by Peter Kingsley

This set of four CDs represents a major step in Peter’s work of bringing back into awareness the spiritual wisdom that originally gave rise to our Western world. They have been specifically designed to recreate the experience of a whole-day workshop in the comfort and convenience of your own home. They were recorded live at a remarkable event in Atlanta during March 2006; and the final CD includes additional material from a gathering in San Rafael, California, during July 2006.Through these recordings Peter brings his teachings together for the first time into a vibrant and living whole. He demonstrates in the most vivid terms that eternity is far more than just some abstraction or theological concept. It is an extraordinarily powerful reality which in the West was exiled a long time ago from the realms of ordinary experience but is now waiting, once more, to be received by us directly into the fabric of our lives at every moment of every day. Without the fundamental experience of eternity, so immediate and available to us all, no one’s life can be considered truly complete.“Return To Eternity” goes into many aspects of Western sacred tradition which have not been made publicly available before in the modern world. The CDs contain detailed guidance in ancient forms of meditation practice, along with discussion of numerous subjects such as the nature of prayer. They also contain autobiographical details about some of Peter’s outer and inner journeys, and about the connection between his work and the work of the great French writer Henry Corbin.Please visit the website, and follow the link for these CDs which you will find at the bottom of the Home page.

THE PETER KINGSLEY FOUNDATIONA nonprofit religious corporation, The Peter Kingsley Foundation, has just been created in California as a vehicle for furthering this work and creating a physical container for bringing its message into the present world. Donations, however small or large, will be deeply appreciated. We depend on your help to carry this work forward; in particular, we are needing to create an administrative base and find land which will allow this timeless tradition to have a home once more.

by Maria Kingsley
Peter Kingsley is internationally recognized for his groundbreaking work on the origins of western spirituality, philosophy and culture.He is the author of three books.After graduating with honors from the University of Lancaster, England, in 1975, Peter Kingsley went on to receive the degree of Master of Letters from King's College Cambridge before being awarded a PhD by the University of London.He was a Fellow at the Warburg Institute in London and has been made an honorary Professor both at Simon Fraser University in Canada and at the University of New Mexico.