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Inspire your life: life readings, master classes, self awareness and special handmade accessories, jewellery, pendulums, art, gemstone bracelets, stunning scarves and gifts.Sahar HuneidiMy name is Sahar Huneidi. I am consultant & personal development coach, based in London. I have eighteen years experience and my role is to offer you guidance and help restore your self-will by focusing on your ability to create your personal reality and your own future. Here, you can order a Life Reading, learn new self-development tools, browse special gifts and discover unique handmade accessories & jewellery.

Life Readings: I believe that we are the creators of our own movies and that if we don’t like it, we can always change the script. The primary objective of your session is to highlight your current patterns, reveal blocks, and offer potential solutions and practical life-guidance to help you achieve the future you seek; in effect actualising your life’s purpose. By transmuting any negative patterns in the way you react, or in your belief systems, I can then provide you with tools, tasks, and suggestions specific to your needs. You then have an actionable plan, or what I refer to as “homework”, that puts you in charge of “directing” your own “movie”.My aim is to inspire and empower you; to help you develop to your full potential. Your Life reading is your compass; you can then confidently chart your journey through life!

Coffee Readings: Coffee Readings are intuitive readings done by using a cup of coffee as though it’s a crystal ball. Ground Turkish coffee is mostly used when cup readings are done. The residue is left at the bottom of the cup, after the coffee is drunk, forms patterns that trigger psychic insights. The symbols which the coffee grounds depict are then interpreted. For the reading to be meaningful and accurate, sip your coffee while relaxing, sort of in a contemplative mode. My experience showed me that the intention, or the emotional and mental state, of the drinker affects how the coffee grains are shaped. If a coffee cup is drunk in a hurry, without the intention of having it read, or while not in a relaxed state, it can’t be read and the patterns are meaningless! This is probably due to lack of focus or intention which not provide any guidance or useful insights.

Tools For Life: A practical one-to-one guidance session utilising effective holistic “Tools 4 Life” that I have developed and came across over the years. As a result of applying the “homework” that transpires in their Life Readings (a comprehensive in depth guidance); many of my clients come to a point in their life’s journey where they realize that they no longer needed a Life Reading but seek targeted guidance to resolve specific issues; such as overcoming a stumbling block, or uncovering one, healing a past trauma, or releasing a persistent negative pattern that is holding them back. Here, you will experience how to detect and correct previously self-imposed patterns in order to reach your goals and materialize what you desire your life. Client’s confidentiality is always respected.

Master Classes: Expert one-to-one training sessions available to my existing clients only. Here, you can explore, learn, and receive expert guidance on any of the following “Tools” to assist in your personal development. As a result of applying the “homework” that transpires in their Life Readings, which is a comprehensive in depth reading; many of my clients come to a point where they realize that they no longer needed a specific reading but further guidance on a specific issue or an interest. They want to sharpen their life skills, heal the past, or release a block which is holding them back. In other words, learning how to correct previous self- imposed patterns in order to “manifest” what they desire in their life. You may wish to, for example, to explore interpreting your dreams. This can also be done using tools like the Cartouche Cards.

On another occasion, you may feel that you are ready to connect with your higher self, and seek guidance through channeling, or meeting your guides, or that you wish to practice meditation or breathing techniques more deeply. Some of my clients have a creative streak and wish to learn about interpreting symbols of the Tarot, or Turkish coffee cup as a ready-in-hand-tool for their own self and spiritual development. It is up to you how you wish to use your session. Each session is, therefore, unique and tailored according to your needs and level of awareness, and lasts about an hour.

Harmony & Balance: The trick to money is having some! Financial well-being is a major concern that many of us have nowadays. Learning how to create and attract abundance is part of our spiritual awareness and understanding- an extension of personal, or inner harmony, if you like, on an outer and tangible level. It is essential to understand that Money energy is a creative energy which vibrates, flows and pulses. Like light, it requires: – Flow, – Direction, and – Pulse. A Harmony & Balance Consultation assess the environment of your workplace and identifies areas of blockages or negative, non-productive space. It includes a detailed report, explanation, assessment, remedies, and clear colour diagrams highlighting significant areas in your office; allowing you to achieve Harmony and Balance; fulfilling your goals. For more, including art, candles, accessories, pendulums, and gifts – please visit

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by, Sahar Huneidi
Sahar Huneidi is a professional intuitive, a Spiritual LifeCoaching columnist for Prediction Magazine (the original body mind spirit magazine in the UK, established in 1936), and publisher of a holistic Internet resource. Sahar launched the first dedicated podcasting service on spiritual and psychic matters, and well-being; on and ; attracting over 50,000 subscribers world-wide to date. She lives and works in London.Sahar has been named (twice) among the Best 100 Psychics in Psychic Yellow Pages by Hans Holzer, Citadel Press, NY. She is a direct descendant of a line of Sufis that dates back 800 years to Master Abdul-Kader Al-Jilani, author of The Secret of Secrets. Her late grandfather, Yacoub Al-Ghussein, also a spiritualist, is the last to uphold AI Tarika, or ‘the way’ of his Sufi lineage.