Screenings for “The Next 7 Generations”, Including 2 International Premieres!

Screening Testimonial:

13 Grandmothers With The Dalai LamaIt was an honor to experience the potent medicine of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada through the sacred tool of the DVD. The Grandmothers’ debut in Canada was held in conjunction with Ottawa’s Peace Festival and National Aboriginal Women’s Awareness Week, The auditorium filled with aboriginal and non-aboriginal people, elders, grandmothers, children, youth, women and men. This ceremony began with smudging followed by a medicine wheel meditation led by Ojibwe Grandmother Isabelle Meawasige.

After the film, people engaged in a dialogue sharing how the Grandmother’s call spoke to them. Participants were also invited to share their prayers on a prayer banner that was travelling across Canada in honor of aboriginal women, children and men who had suffered from violence. This ceremonial film screening event came to a close with the White Buffalo Calf Woman song led by Grandmother Isabelle. Hearts awakened and spirits rejoiced! Megwetch!”

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Carole Hart is an award-winning director, producer, writer. She began her career as one of the original writers of Sesame Street, then moved on to other programming for children, including the best-selling Free to Be…You and Me, a record album, book and television special. She also produced a number of movies for television.