Seeking Meaning and Credibility in the Extraordinary Experiences of Others–The Fuel for the Metaphysical Journey by Dr. Steven E. Hodes

Our TV and movie screens are filled with examples of mediums and ghost whisperers who have a direct line to the “other side”. Have you or someone you know ever had an experience with seeing ghosts, feeling energies, hearing voices, revealing dreams, Near Death Experiences (NDE), After Death communications (ADC), or Mediums?

Not everyone is comfortable with these kinds of extraordinary experiences or hearing about them, so don’t be surprised if your first reaction is surprise or disbelief — or even, denial.

Some people, when they first begin to open spiritually to such concepts and experiences, have a great concern not only about the validity of their own experience, but the credibilities of others who claim to have such experiences.

‘Credibility Quotient’ (CQ) is a term I use to describe the believability of individuals who report personal paranormal and spiritual experiences–i.e. extraordinary experiences. The shocking, life-altering awareness that they are true has become the fuel for my personal metaphysical journey as well as a powerful tool for healing.

The issue of credibility actually involves a broader and quite fascinating topic of how we communicate the subjective feeling of any experience to each other.

Words are often not enough to explain unique experiences with the spiritual world — such as a near death experience, communication from beyond the grave with loved ones, or the kind of every day coincidences that make us think “we are all connected.”

Some people consider me a psychic courier. I don’t “see ghosts” or have direct experiences with people on the other side or natural spiritual phenomenon, but I know plenty of people who do.

My own journey has provided me with the experiences that have served as my evidence of a spiritual dimension to reality (SDR). But taking someone else’s word for it will usually not be sufficient to convince anyone, you must take charge of your journey and seek your own evidence.

I can remember a time when I completely doubted the validity of a spiritual universe. Until my encounters with individuals who had personal ‘unexplained’ experiences, I was on the edge of atheism and agnosticism. I had no reason to believe that spiritual belief was anything more than a delusion.

It was the credibility of individuals who crossed my path and shared their stories with me that convinced me otherwise. These were people who had nothing to gain, nothing to sell and much to lose by appearing strange and offbeat.

I have subsequently heard many compelling stores from other individuals and have cultivated an attitude of deep respect for their personal experiences. Many of these people were tortured by what had happened to them, yet they began to feel comfortable opening up to me.

As I collected more stories I began to see patterns in the experiences, something akin to the process that takes place in the scientific method. I would then share them, with the other individuals who had seen themselves as somehow different, even as cursed by their own painful revelations. I could perceive a sense of relief when they realized that they were not totally alone. For some, it was a complete revelation to learn that there were many others like them, equally confused, upset and feeling as if they had to remain silent about what they knew to be true.

My role as psychic courier soon gave me the reputation as a sensitive and sympathetic listener. More people came forward to share their stories with me. There was something in our interactions that affected me in a profoundly, visceral way. Call it ‘gooseflesh’ or intuition. There was no doubt that these were real and powerful experiences that were being shared with me. I began to develop my own subtle “sixth sense” about these things. I just knew when someone was telling the truth.

This experience, and these stories, have changed my life. To come to this powerful awareness can dispel much of the fear of death and loneliness that afflicts many of us. No longer afraid of death, we can embrace life. No longer plagued by feelings of loneliness and worthlessness, we can be comforted by the knowledge that we are never alone. We find ourselves more secure, content and whole. This is an essential component to any notion of healing.

Discover your personal credibility quotient [CQ]. Spiritual experiences are difficult, if not impossible, to transfer by verbal means alone. Create a litmus test for knowing when the information you are receiving is authentic. Personal knowledge of the character and believability of those you meet is crucial.

Conduct your own investigations. In order to comprehend the reality of these ‘unexplained’ experiences, it is crucial to do your own investigations. Open yourself up to be a sensitive and compassionate collector of the experiences of others. Make it known to those around you that you are fascinated by the subject and sympathetic to those who have had such experiences.

Be open to your own unrecognized extraordinary experiences. There are many who fear what they don’t understand. You may have consciously or subconsciously suppressed your own extraordinary experiences–i.e. from dreams, , readings from mediums or psychics, strange but powerful intuitions.

Ignore the Nay-Sayers. Be willing to risk negative comments or funny, mocking looks from those who may think that you are a bit ‘off’. Be prepared to occasionally observe frightened expressions on the faces of individuals who you once regarded as rather open-minded and intelligent.

Share your stories and listen to others. You can share your interests with others by sharing stories you have heard. Many will at the very least find these stories entertaining. Don’t be surprised if they are moved to share some of their own experiences. For many, it may be the first time that they have ever shared them with anyone else! You will be surprised how many people will open up and share their spiritual and paranormal experiences.

Seek out reputable psychics and mediums and have your own readings. Even without your own spontaneous personal experiences, having a medium or psychic describe people, personalities and specific private experiences can awaken your awareness. Consider the powerful metaphysical implications for healing in your own life.

Open new doors to reality for yourself. As you do, you may do the same for people you meet. Open communication can help others express previously suppressed memories that have been long buried, filed away in some deep recess of the mind labeled ‘unexplained’. It can be very healing to release these bottled-up memories and to finally share them with a sympathetic listener. Awakening a sense of a spiritual dimension to reality in others is a healing gift for them. In the process you will find more evidence, the fuel for your metaphysical journey.

Copyright, 2007 Steven E. Hodes, M.D.

This article adapted from Meta-Physician on Call for Better Health: Metaphysics and Medicine for Mind, Body, and Spirit (Praeger Publishers, 2007)

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