September 2006 Merlian Newsletter


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September’s flower is the aster or morning glory.

The autumnal equinox occurs between the 21st of September to the 24th. In the pagan wheel of the year the autumn equinox is called Mabon.

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New Items Posted in Merlian News

Merryn’s Musings A Consciousness Booklist

I have noticed an increase in people’s awareness of consciousness. The movie What The Bleep Do We Know has started an avalanche of inquiry and interest bringing quantum physics and the study of consciousness to the mainstream public. I thought these books would be of help to those looking for spiritual and evolutionary growth.”

Podcasts Robert Moss Podcasts with Merlian News! Robert Moss, a lifelong dream explorer who survived three near-death experiences in childhood. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanic techniques for empowerment and healing and the author of five books on dreaming. In this Podcast, Robert Moss discusses various topics such as Dream Re-Entry, Active Dreaming, Methods of Dreamworking, and much more including personal stories and experiences. Listen To The PODCAST !

Merlian News Interviews Cheryl Shainmark Cheryl Shainmark has a private practice in Mount Kisco NY. She is a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist with an academic background in Psychology and History. In this interview she discusses with Merlian News her review on Dr. Dean Radin’s book Entangled Minds. Listen to the Podcast!


The 8th Chakra — What it is and how it can transform your life by Jude Currivan, PhD. This is fascinating material and fosters the goal of connecting and sensing with more than the usual five senses. Working with the 8th chakra (and the author says we are working up to encompassing 12 chakras!) allows us to feel connected to each other, the earth, and the universe on wonderful new levels. The 8th Chakra is a powerful book and a powerful tool for healing all these levels.

Love & Loss: A Story About Life, Death, and Rebirth by Jane Bay

From the very first email Bay sends about Namgyal’s death and for each one thereafter, she receives an outpouring of love and support from her friends. Each offers expressions of sorrow, sympathy, and comfort — sometimes sharing their own loss and grief. Sprinkled throughout these communications are quotes from spiritual teachings, poems, song lyrics, prayer rituals, and meditations — some come from Bay, some are offered by friends. Each is an offering of love to help her heal.

The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan Wolf In The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan Wolf, we explore the world of spirituality from a new perspective. Many people wonder if the soul really exists, what happens to it when we are no more and so on. Less people wonder where our soul actually is or where it goes when we pass…Have you ever thought about re-incarnation? If you thought it was possible, did you think further and ask, “what can I come back as?”, “are there limits or boundaries?”

Environmental Awareness Solar Energy: Tax Breaks Offered In NY Area For Clean Energy Initiative If there ever was a time to take a step towards reducing global warming and other environmental damage, this is it. Not only has it just been made more accessible, it has been made more affordable, so the average person can do their part. Solar energy is clean energy, and they’re offering a 30% federal tax credit that also applies to residence systems, up to $2000. Act now or forever hold your breath! The air, the earth, the world needs this sort of movement toward salvaging our home, and it can’t do it without us!

Spirituality Raising your Vibration through “Connecting To Source” “According to the universal laws of attraction and reflectivity, we will attract and manifest our vibrational match. And so, if we are vibrating in a place of fear, anger or guilt, we will attract and manifest like individuals and circumstances that are vibrating in fear, anger or guilt. Similarly, if we are vibrating in a place of joy, love and freedom, we will also manifest our match.”

Thank you once more, for your positive feed back and support!

Merryn & Team

Merryn Jose – Editor & Publisher

Dena Ventrudo – Assistant Editor

Cheryl Shainmark- Book Reviewer

Donna Baker Church- Book Reviewer

Eugene Kelly- Book Reviewer

by Merryn Jose & Team
A professional spiritual intuitive, writer and teacher; Merryn lives in New York. She comes from a long lineage of practising Celtic psychics. Her web site is a regularly updated resource of Holistic information concerning the development of the intuitive faculties. Merryn is also the editor and publisher of online Merlian News Magazine.