Some Science Adventures With Real Magic

WILLIAM A. TILLER, PH.D., brilliantly contributed his groundbreaking scientific discoveries to the outstanding film What the Bleep Do We Know!? and he has done the same at the What The Bleep Do We Know Conference in Santa Monica, February 2005. With Dr. Tiller we learn about the substance of our thoughts and the power of intentionality to alter matter. What we can see with our eyes comprises less than ten percent of the universe. The real power sustaining its architecture is the energy contained in the ninety percent of the unseen. The soaring edifice of personal mind, So capable of touching all the glories of the universe Sees not glory when too rigidly constrained By old concepts and dogmas — Then an unseen prison does the personal mind become. –William S. Tiller SOME SCIENCE ADVENTURES WITH REAL MAGIC By William A. Tiller, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford CA and Chairman, The William A. Tiller Foundation for New Science, Payson Arizona Presentation Abstract for What the Bleep Do We Know!? Prophets Conference Santa Monica, California (2005) As Arthur C. Clarke said years ago, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This presentation provides a body of experimental data that will seem like magic, based upon the present (QM) and past (CM) paradigms of world science, but it is completely lawful based upon an expanded paradigm. We have entered a new era wherein the new science being created conforms to the reaction equation: Mass = Energy = Consciousness

Einstein’s great research studies circumscribed the quantitative relationship connecting the first two terms, mass and energy. In this century, our job is to provide the quantitative relationship connecting the last two terms, energy and consciousness plus a reliable theory for the convertibility of any term to any other term. Thus, it is time for humans to both understand and seriously connect their individual inner worlds to the collective outer world and vice versa. For the present quantum mechanical (QM) paradigm and the previous classical mechanics (CM) paradigm of science, the unstated assumption has been that “no human quality of consciousness, intention, emotion, mind or spirit can significantly influence a well-defined target experiment in physical reality.” Our experimental data on inorganic, organic and living materials shows that this long-held, unstated assumption of science is very, very wrong. We have discovered a “consciousness” procedure for imprinting a specific intention into a simple, low tech, electronic device. This imprinted device then acts as an intelligent surrogate to raise the inner symmetry state of a room or laboratory to a thermodynamic free energy state substantially above that of our normal world. This intention imprinted electrical device (IIED) tunes this space in such a way that a corresponding target experiment set up in that space responds to this IIED in such a way that the experimentally-measured material properties change, both in the direction of the intention and to the degree specified by the intention. We have also discovered an experimental procedure for measuring and tracking the degree of thermodynamic free energy change, above the normal U(1) outer, world level created in this IIED-conditioned space (U.S. Patent Pending). In a separate series of experiments, we have tested and proven replicability of one of our four initial target experiments, by others in their laboratories located in Missouri, Kansas, Baltimore, Bethesda, the UK and Italy. In addition, in these experiments, we observed that information entanglement (connectedness) occurs between macroscopic, room temperature spaces, over distances of ~5,000 to ~6,000 miles, via an energy propagation mechanism different than any of the four known and accepted fundamental forces. Finally, our experiments have also shown that all humans have their acupuncture meridian/chakra system at an inner symmetry state level that is well above the U(1) level. This means that personal human intention acts directly on this system of the body which, in turn, drives chemical, electrical and optical, etc., processes of the U(1) EM gauge symmetry aspects of the human body to manifest many if not most behaviors that we call life! Special Appearance by William Tiller in

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Dr.William A.Tiller,Ph.D.Professor Emeritas of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University. Stanford CA and Chairman. The William A. Tiller Foundation For New Science, Payson Arizona. Dr. Tiller one of the world’s leading scientists on the structure of matter, takes a giant leap toward a unified theory of the universe.