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“Flower essences work on the level of the soul…” ~ Sharon Callahanwww.womenofthewind.blogspot.comFlower essence therapy has been one of the most vital treatment modalities within my healing and growth process for 20 years now. The power of this elegantly organic, yet simple therapy became even more apparent to me during the recovery process from Lyme disease. Every emotional, mental, spiritual, and certainly, physical trigger has been squeezed. This potent “energy medicine” from Nature herself will continue to be a regular part of whole health maintenance for life. That’s how significant my experience has been. In 1991, I walked into the Vitamin Cottage health food store in the Cherry Creek area of downtown Denver, Colorado to do my usual shopping, when I found a book on Bach Flower Remedies along with a display of different flower essences accompanied by the display booklet to guide me in identifying the flower essence(s) to use based on my current needs. Does this sound too woo-woo? Stay with me… it’s really not. I read a brief history on flower essence therapy, and how it supports a gentle transformative healing and alignment of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies that make up the totality of who we are. If one of these four aspects of our life is out of balance or needs extra support, that imbalance is sure to affect all the other parts of us as spiritual beings navigating our human experience. We can use all the assistance we can get. I immediately knew that one of the flower essences called “Impatiens” was for me because I have a strong will force and I have created times of feeling inner conflict leading to impatience — struggling with waiting or wanting to take something on and do it now. That can be a good thing and can move mountains, so to speak. It can also be a disaster when the best positive outcome can only occur by waiting, or by pacing oneself. We can’t make a flower bloom before its time. We can’t take the bread out of the oven before it’s baked just right. Of course, we all know this intellectually. Regardless, patience has been one of my life lessons. The flower essence Impatiens has helped me to change this willful tendency into a more balanced state. I use it on occasion when I feel the need. Most importantly, Impatiens flower essence has taught me to experience a state of being where acting more consciously and pacing myself throughout the years has strengthened my spirit, whereby strengthening my mind — how I think, my emotions — how I feel, and my body – the amount of energy I expend. I realized an amazing fact. Flower Essences are more than Nature’s healers. They are gentle teachers. They carry wisdom! The Impatiens flower essence showed me how it feels to be patient, therefore enabling me to understand and discern the difference in order to strengthen that part of myself. This is a combined partnership with Nature. This is soul growth! How can we believe ourselves as separate when there is the wisdom of Nature’s life on earth that will partner with us in our healing and spiritual growth? It is a fact that our living, breathing, earth provides everything we need to heal, grow and flourish. There are beautiful flower essences that can be used for babies, teens to adults, including all our animal companions. Brief History of Flower Essence Therapy Flowers have been utilized in healing for centuries, but flower essences in their modern form were first developed by the English physician, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936). He created 38 FE remedies. Ever since his groundbreaking work, many ranges of flower essences have been researched and emerged from the UK and around the world. Daisy - Photograph by Dena VentrudoFrequently Asked Questions About Flower Essences Here are a few excerpts of the FAQs quoted from Flower Essences Services FAQ. They are listed in Resources below. All website Resources have an equal abundance of data and FAQs along with certified practitioner referrals. Please check them all out! What are flower essences? Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are a part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine, which also includes homeopathy, acupuncture, color therapy, therapeutic touch and similar modalities. How are the essences prepared? Flower essences are dilute, potentized herbal infusions or decoctions, prepared from wildflowers or pristine garden blossoms. They are made directly in the “laboratory of nature” where the four alchemical elements of earth, water, air, and fire are found in harmonious balance. To this is added the fifth “quintessential” element of the sensitive awareness and attunement of the preparer. The fresh dew-filled blossoms are gathered in the early morning of a clear, sunny day. Floating on the surface of a bowl of water, they are irradiated by the warmth and light of the sun for several hours. This process creates an energetic imprint of the etheric energy patterns of the flower in water, embodying the healing archetype of that plant. This “mother essence” is preserved with brandy and then further diluted and potentized to form the “stock” which is sold in stores and to practitioners. How do I use flower essences? They are typically taken orally from a dropper bottle; the standard dosage is four drops four times daily. You can take the drops directly from the stock bottles available in stores; mix them in a glass of water; or make a dosage bottle by mixing several drops from each essence selected. There are many other ways of using them, such as in misting sprayers, in a cream base, or in baths. Can I use more than one essence at a time? Several flower essences can be taken together and mixed in a dosage bottle or glass of water. In making a combination, it is important to consider how the essences work together, as well as the appropriateness of each essence in the combination. It is best to limit the number of essences taken at any one time to three to five unless you are working with a skilled practitioner. June Roses in Piermont - Photograph by Dena Ventrudo How can I use flower essences if I am alcohol sensitive? Flower essences have been used successfully by many persons who are alcohol sensitive or in recovery from alcoholism. By adding two drops of each essence to a glass of water, there will only be a negligible amount of alcohol in the water (less than one hundredth of one percent). You can also mix up a dosage bottle using cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin as a preservative, rather than brandy. What is the difference between flower essences and aromatherapy oils? The most significant difference is that essential oils have definite aromas; flower essences do not. Essential oils work primarily through the sense of smell and its effect upon the “old brain.” They are highly concentrated chemical substances, many of which are quite poisonous taken internally. Most essential oils are diluted first in a carrier oil before they are applied topically. On the other hand, flower essences are safe and gentle to use whether taken internally or used on the skin. Essential oils are produced from large quantities of plant material, the flowers, roots, seeds or bark, depending on the location of the volatile oils in the plant. Stream-distillation is the most common extraction method. With flower essences, only the flowers are used and in a very small quantity. The vibrational imprint of the flower is extracted in water, which is then further diluted. Thus essential oils are a physical extract and flower essences are a subtle energy “extract.” Flower essences and essential oils are very complimentary to each other in healing work. While both affect the mind-body continuum, they work from opposite pathways. Essential oils enter through the senses to reach the soul, while flower essences impact subtle energy fields of the soul to affect physical well-being. Flower essences and essential oils combine well in spray bottles and in topical applications, such as in the skin creams and massage oils. Resources: The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Assn. — Provides a dictionary of practitioners in UK and overseas Flower Essence Society — (Provides International practitioners)

North American Flower Essences — or Flower Essence Services —

Affirmation for this month – Abundance Mother Earth provides an overflowing bounty and richness to meet all my needs. Today, I am grateful to acknowledge the sacred healing circle of giving and receiving. Live in beauty and be well – Triza Schultz

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"I ended a 26 year corporate HR consulting career in 1997 to follow my path as a spiritual guide, writer, and artist. During that transition, I published my book, “The Fear Standard — A Guide And Personal Journey to Regain Our Intuitive Spirit.” In 2005, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I view this challenge as a gift and the medium from which deeply emotional, spiritual, and physical healings and insights are distilled. I realized that the greatest pain one can endure is also the point of departure to the greatest love. Fear in all its many facets is truly a spiritual matter - and love has the final word."