Space Clearing Kit: Working with Nature to Enhance the Energies of Your Home by Christan Hummel

How often do we think about the space in which we live and work, the energy of the physical space and how it affects our lives? In Space Clearing Kit: Working with Nature to Enhance the Energies of Your Home, author, Christan Hummel, asserts that there is a “Spirit of Place” — a consciousness that can guide us to “live in harmony with the earth at each specific location.” She reveals how to create an environment that aligns with our “highest intentions and aspirations,” thus improving all aspects of our lives and maintaining a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Hummel explains that the land “records all the vibrations, frequencies, and imprints of whatever has occurred upon it.” These imprints, or memories, affect us consciously and unconsciously, often in contrast with our wishes. They create stresses in our lives that result in “imbalance, disharmony, and distortion of our natural state.” Our health, she says, is interrelated to the health of our environment. Clearing our space, whether at home or at work, is key to maintaining harmony and balanced relationships with our environment. She defines space clearing as the “desire to align and attune the energies of a space to their highest possible potential of expression.” Benefits include better relationships and quality of sleep, increased energy and vitality, improved communications and creativity, and fewer colds and illnesses.

Information is included to help understand the Earth’s energies and power points and how we can interact with nature as a living being. In addition to feng shui and feminine energy, Hummel provides a thorough discussion of geomancy. She offers, in understandable language, scientific information about ley lines, the Hartmann grid, geopathic stress, and noxious earth energies and their affects on our health. She also includes methods for detecting imprints and noxious energies such as dowsing, kinesiology, and simple observation.

The heart of Space Clearing is on transforming the energies in your home and workplace “to imprint a higher vibrational frequency on the affected area.” Techniques to accomplish this transmutation include the use of sacred geometry in architecture and landscape “to resonate with higher dimensions of life.” The use of sacred symbols to provide protection for gateways such as doors, arches and entryways is important to the energy flow of a property and a home. Labyrinths connect mind, body, and spirit to create positive energy in the body and the land by providing “a symbolic weave of the energies of life.” Sound, or sonic alchemy, can be used in various ways for space clearing to “elevate the vibrations and energies of a location.” Hummel provides mantras for protection and claiming one’s sacred space.

***image1***Based on Hummel’s workshops and set up in a do-it-yourself format, this book is designed to empower readers to reconnect with nature and “discover your own methods of harmonizing” with your environment. It is packed full of tips, a workbook section for applying information, blank pages for notes, and a guided meditation CD. Space Clearing Kit: Working with Nature to Enhance the Energies of Your Home emphasizes neutralizing and balancing any energetic distortion with the natural perfect order, harmony and balance of a property. Working with the consciousness of a location to transmute negative imprints or noxious energies is a “process of co-creation,” she says. It is a mutual relationship with nature that provides a “first hand experience of creating change in your life.”

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Accessing the Wisdom of Nature: Making Contact with the Spirit of Feng Shui

by Donna Baker Church
Christan Hummel is an international author, workshop leader, and pioneer in earth energies exploration and space clearing. Christen has taught thousands how to work co-creatively with the consciousness of nature, the devic realms, to restore health and balance to their environments, and reduce pollution world-wide. Having worked with the Alice Bailey teachings for over 30 years, Christan brings a unique synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern technology to this work.