Star Therapy by Syed Hamraz Ahsan

Star Therapy

‘Without the frown of clouds and lightning,

the vines would be burned by the smiling sun.

Both good and bad luck become guests in your heart:

like planets traveling from sign to sign.

When something transits your sign, adapt yourself,

and be as harmonious as its ruling sign,

so when it rejoins the Moon,

it will speak kindly to the Lord of the heart.’

Jalaluddin Rumi (translated by Kabir Helminski)

There is an ancient belief that everything on heaven and earth is connected and influences each other. The Sufis call this ‘Unity of Being’ (wahdat al wujud). The Star Therapy meditation is based on this principle. It is a way of using the positive energies of stars to dissolve any limitations or negative influences in your life. So you can improve your experience of life down here on earth through a re-adjustment and revitalisation of your natal horoscope on a spiritual plane.

For beginners you don’t need to know the ins and outs of the planets you were born under. Simply click here onstar profilesto find out which stars you need to focus on. You can do this meditation for general health and happiness without needing to combat a particular problem.

Energy from The StarsAll the stars have their own particular energies, both positive and negative, which are reflected in a natal chart. For example, Venus’ positive energies represent love, friendship, harmony, sympathy, a social life, an artistic nature etc. However if Venus is sitting in an uncomfortable place in the birth chart or Venus is afflicted (which means if other planets are sitting opposite or at right angles to it in the sky), then it may manifest itself as over-sensitivity, laziness, superficiality, a false self-image, arrogance, indulgence, excessive sexuality, extravagance etc. Using this meditation you can learn to turn such negative traits into positive ones.

How to do the meditationStart the meditation on a Sunday because Sunday is ruled by the Sun, which plays the central role in Star Therapy. Also start during a waxing moon when it’s on its emerging journey as this is good for starting anything new. This is a 49 day practice, split into seven day sections to enable you to take time away from the meditation if you need to. You shouldn’t however stop in the midst of the seven day cycle as you will have to go back to the beginning of that cycle before you can continue with the meditation. This initial practice is based on seven stars (actually six planets and one satellite, the moon, but let’s not quibble).

·Make sure you are sitting comfortably and that you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Get as relaxed as possible. Ensure your spine is straight, either sitting or lying down, and take 11 deep breaths.

·Close your eyes, Imagine that at your solar plexus, within your body, there is a space. Once you can visualise that, think about the Sun. Imagine that from your crown all the positive energy, orange light and colour of the Sun is coming down through you to your solar plexus.Increase that energy, really visualise it and gather it up. Once it forms a critical mass, it will become a small sun based at the point of your solar plexus. This internal sun will then be giving energy to your entire body.

·Feel that energy coursing through you. Imagine that the light from this sun is dissolving your internal complexes, inhibtions and worries. The build up of light and energy should be so great that it begins to come out of your pores and into your aura. This internal light evaporates anything dark in your aura.

·After this, ask the sun to stay with you forever and thank the sun for being within you. Finish the meditation and rise relaxed and full of energy. You need to do this entire process for seven consecutive days. If, in the course of your daily life, you require more energy, imagine a positive vibration from your internal sun giving you power and energy.


The next star you’llneed to draw down is the moon. You do the same meditation, this time altering the colour you imagine to the white of the moon. When the energies of the moon are coming down from your crown, imagine that they are flowing into your internal sun. When they mingle, it is not a crash but a relaxed, happy and positive union of colour and energy.

·When you speak to the moon at the end of the meditation, request that it stay with you forever and thank it as well. The body of light you have in you now contains sun and moon energies.If during the meditation you feel a tickling sensation or shudders, this is a sign that energies are entering you and you should not be alarmed.

·You then go through each of the following stars for seven days each,mixing the colours and energies of each star within your internal ball of light.Click on the link below for the colours of the stars and their respective areas of influence.You may find it helpful to print out the star profiles for easy reference. Stars Profiles.

After you have successfully completed the 49 days of this meditation, you will have an internal solar system (at your solar plexus) to call upon in times of need. The solar plexus is the seat of your basic self and this constant source of light and energy will enable you to see any situation more clearly and will give you the strength to deal with that situation, resulting in more inner confidence and more control over outer situations.

You can continue to use this as your daily meditation to concentrate on a specific element in your life, alternatively you can manifest the energies of all seven planets by imagining the ball radiating all their colours and energies outward throughout your body, giving you a rainbow-coloured aura. If you need the energies of a particular planet, concentrate on its colour and you will find that the energies of the other six stars will help you manifest that particular energy.

You can expand on this general practice through having your natal chart drawn up and a personal meditationdevised for your particular needs. Please click below for information on consultations with Hamraz.A one- hour Star Therapy consultation with Hamraz will include an analysis of your birth chart and a personalised programme of meditation. If you require guided meditation, you must first complete the initial Star Therapy consultation so that any issues arising from your birth chart can be identified.

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Astrological & Star Therapy consultationHamraz is available for personal consultations. He also offers Reiki healing sessions and astrological consultations. Your name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth are required for astrological consultation. Price: £40 per hour (NB: Reiki sessions normally last 1hr 15mins but are also just £40) For more information please

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by Syed Hamraz Ahsan
Syed Hamraz Ahsan is a creative writer, poet and columnist. He is a Reiki Master and Reiki master teacher, with over 30 years experience. He lives in London and practices Reiki, Huna and spiritual healing as well as Dhamal Therapy (Sufi dancing). He is currently working on a book about Star Therapy: a guided meditative practice developed by him.