Star Visions Plays Host To Today’s Visionaries

Star Visions Mission:

“To attract dynamic, wise teachers in the Healing Arts and World’s Spiritual Traditions, who are masterful in their art and have both integrity and heart. Presenters may represent diverse healing modalities and spiritual traditions and may come from various worldwide locations. Through the diversity, a tapestry unfolds of one shared universal heart consciousness. Being a part of creating this tapestry, we learn to heal and grow as individuals and see ourselves as part of a global community. ” Helen Celestine Escoffier, Founder and Director of Star Visions , has been immersed in the study of different spiritual traditions and practices for over 30 years. Experiences and teachings, continuing into the present, are from Wisdom Keepers, Shamans and Healers, of the indigenous peoples of the planet, as well as, contemporary Metaphysicians, Intuitives, Scientists and Healers.

With a private practice as a Bio-energetic healer and Spiritual coach, Helen, by establishing of Star Visions in 1990, is creating a bridge between the world of the Ancient Spiritual Tradition, Wisdom, and Practice and Contemporary “Main stream” Thought and Practice.

Star Visions has hosted workshops with the following people:

Merlian News Podcast with Helen Escoffier Podcast Interview with Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf Merlian News Podcast Interview with Roland M. Comtois Merlian News Podcasts With Dr. Jude Currivan On ‘The 13th Step’ Robert Moss Podcasts with Merlian News! Merlian News Podcasts With Jorge Luis Delgado Merlian News Podcasts With Heather Cumming A Podcast Interview With Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Merlian News Merlian News Podcasts Spiritual Healer, David L. Cunningham And these are only a handful of the spiritual minds that present at Star Visions in Chappaqua, NY! For more information on workshops at Star Visions, please visit Star Visions

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by Merlian News
Helen Escoffier founder of Star Visions has created Star Visions with a lifetime study and interest in matters spiritual development and creating conscious connecting of body, mind, and spirit. Her private practice blends bio-energetic healing methods, stress management and spiritual counseling. Helen is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Interfaith Minister, and Imagery Guide specializing in Interactive Guided Imagery.