Starvisions Community September Calendar

Starvisions Community September Upcoming Events

Greetings! September begins the school year and begins setting things into motion for the StarVisions Community. We have worked hard to continue to bring the best of the best in wisdom keepers. There are still little things to be worked out, but we are on our way! Thank you for your support going forward. We will have more planned as time goes on so keep an eye out for our emails. Please “Like” us on for continual updates. Our home site will keep you up-to-date too. Check out the events calendar to see what’s happening in the community.

Medicine Wheel with Bear Walker

September 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th 7pm – 9pm at SunRaven, 501 Guardhill Road, Bedford, NY. September 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th 7pm – 9pm Bear offers Wisdom Teachings around the Medicine Wheel and from the wisdom of his grandfather, an Anishanabe Medicine Man. This is an ongoing program where participants can join in for all the evenings or individual evenings according to availability. Each segment progresses from the foundation of previous teaching but can also stand alone. The Teachings guide us on the Path to Personal Power. ***Due to limited parking, we strongly suggest carpooling.

Internationally Renowned Medium & Spiritual Guide, Roland Comtois, Channeled Messages For The Soul

The Unitarian Church 236 South Bedford Road Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Monday, September 10 – 6pm-8pm Online Pre-pay guarantees you a spot

Roland returns to deliver messages of guidance and support from the Angels and Loved Ones who have passed away. There is a tremendous outpouring from the world of the unseen… Right now! This will be an evening to lift our spirit, sustain our hope, and get excited again about our life. To enhance the personal messages, bring photos and/or mementos that might be significant to mark the relationship with the person from whom we seek to get messages. And/or bring an object that might represent a goal or question you have. The evening will be magical and healing, enriched with messages as only Roland can deliver!

Almost Sold Out! Monthly Drumming Circles at SunRaven SunRaven, 501 Guardhill Road, Bedford, NY. Monday, September 10 from 7pm – 8:30pm Based on the traditional Native American ways, drumming circles introduce participants to the sacred herb ceremony of cleansing participants and instruments with sage before drumming, opening to the 4 directions and the power of the drum to release unwanted energies and bring in healing energies to assist us, our loved ones and the world. Sharing a deep connection with Spirit following a Silence with each round of drumming allows participants to reflect on their experiences. Led by Scott Nelson and members of the Council of 9. Car pooling recommended. Bente Hansen – Energy Healer 1 Great Hills Farm Road, Bedford, NY Friday, September 14 from 11am – 4pm. Rev. Bente Hansen works with The Orion, a powerful healing group from the 17th dimension, along with other highly skilled physicians, surgeons and healers of the Light. Using her abilities as a medical intuitive and heeding the guidance from beyond the veil she assists in healing your body gently yet strongly. The healing benefits of a session continue for 4-6 weeks, resulting in significant improvements in health and wellbeing. Check to schedule your time with her. Monthly Quantum Healing Circles at SunRaven SunRaven, 501 Guardhill Road, Bedford, NY Thursday, September 27th 7pm- 9pm Please try to reserve your spot online. Limit 12. Come learn about the energetic relationship between your intentions, actions and way of being with the energy you hold, give, receive and your responsibility for the outcomes. A short guided meditation will follow connecting the wisdom teaching to the energy principles discussed and to ground everyone for the interactive healing opportunity of the final segment of the evening. Limit 12. Led by Anne Bentzen, MSOT, Reiki Master and esoteric healing practitioner. Click here for rates and reservations

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