The Apprentice Cards from Monique Fay, Photographer & Healer

Monique Fay is a pioneer and a visionary in the fields of photography and healing. Her practice, based in Santa Barbara, CA, offers a unique synthesis of skills, wisdom and experience. She is the author of The Book of Fay and The Apprentice Cards, a wonderful set of healing cards geared toward inspiring insight and personal transformation. The photos are stunning, and the experience of working with them immersive and powerful.

From her website we read: The Apprentice Cards are a collection of 35 nature-inspired photographs that capture the essence of the 5 elements – EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & SPACE. These five elements are the building blocks for our existence. Therefore, these Healing Cards create a profound interaction between the spirits of the natural world and the deepest parts of ourselves.

The Apprentice Cards return us to what the Ancients knew: To transform, we must engage the hidden truths that control our world, so that their wisdom may reveal itself to us. Through use of the Apprentice Cards, we are able to connect to the transformative power of the elements, bringing forth our inner clarity and enlightenment. These nature-inspired images act as a guide to translating this knowledge, thus gaining mastery over our life.

Monique Fay’s journey began as a mission toward self-healing in the late 60s, yet spiraled into an adventure of exploration and discovery, connecting her to the spirits and power that nature inherently holds. As a photographer, she has developed contemplatively, inspired nature photos over a span of nearly 50 years.