Leaning Into Sharp Points: Practical Guidance and Nurturing Support for Caregivers by Stan Goldberg, PhD

LEANING INTO SHARP POINTS: Practical Guidance and Nurturing Support for Caregivers by Stan Goldberg, PhD - click here for more info and to purchase the bookWhether you’re coping with a loved one who has received a terminal diagnosis, has a long-term illness or disability, or suffers with dementia, caregiving is challenging and crucial. Those who face this responsibility, whether occasionally or 24/7, are brushing up against life’s sharpest point. In this book, Stan Goldberg offers an honest, caring, and comprehensive guide to those on this journey. Everyone wants to “do the right thing,” and this book provides the often-elusive how-to – from bedside etiquette to advice on initiating difficult conversations, caring for oneself while caring for another, navigating rapid changes in your loved one’s condition, and even offering “permission” for them to die. Goldberg’s stories demonstrate how to address the most difficult topics and will facilitate more open and useful communication and caregiving.


“Gentle and supportive, Stan Goldberg’s essential book should stay on your nightstand throughout the long process from diagnosis to death. You will turn to it again and again for practical, crucial guidance that you will use immediately, and often.” – Dianne Gray, board member, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation “Stan Goldberg brings wisdom and personal experience as a caregiver and hospice volunteer to this compassionate and honest guide to providing care for the chronically or terminally ill. Written from the perspective of both the caregiver and the one who is receiving the care, it is a sensitive, rich, and often compelling resource.” – Andy Miller, MHSE, MCHES, executive vice president of mission, LIVESTRONG “Stan Goldberg, through keen observation and personal experience, gives the reader valuable insights and practical advice on what to expect and how to survive one of life’s most challenging experiences.” – Gloria C. Horsley, PhD, president and founder, Open to Hope Foundation, and coauthor of Open to Hope

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Stan Goldberg, PhD was a bedside volunteer at the internationally known Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco for two years until its Guest House closed. Subsequently, he had similar responsibilities with Hospice By The Bay, the second oldest home hospice agency in the country, and the George Mark Children’s House, the first free-standing hospice for children in the United States. He currently serves as a bedside volunteer at Pathways Home Healthcare and Hospice in the Sun in the San Francisco Bay Area and is involved in their volunteer training and philanthropy programs. He was a special guest of the South Korean Government’s National Cancer Center at the opening of its Proton Beam Therapy Center. He lives in San Francisco, CA.