The Art of Chi-Flow: My Experience Studying With Master Mantak Chia by Merryn Jose

Master Mantak Chia is said to be one of the most important figures in contemporary Taoism for having revitalized and revolutionized the tradition by teaching “secret” techniques in connection with the flow of energy within one’s body or “Chi-flow.” From a very young age, he learned to “still the mind” from Buddhist Monks and studied with many great Masters including Master Plan Yu, who had created a synthesis out of Taoist, Buddhist and Ch’an teaching, as well as Master Cheng Yao-Lung, who had also created a new system by combining Thai Boxing and Kung Fu.

Mantak Chia was taught Kundalini Yoga and the Buddha Palm, which enabled him to eliminate blockages of flow of life force in his internal organs. However, he felt that Kundalini Yoga produced too much heat, and could be dangerous, so he later combined it with elements of Taoist practice, which had cooling effects.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be instructed in the art of Chi-flow with Mantak Chia. I have found his teachings to be very instructive and enlightening. While studying under Mantak Chia, I became very aware of the power that emanated from him, as well as the way he taught us in a safe environment to begin to release and move our own power within our bodies.

I was taught three important techniques: the “Six Healing Sounds,” the “Inner Smile,” and the “Microcosmic Orbit.” I have found all three practices to be helpful in retaining and strengthening the balance of one’s own energy.

The Inner Smile directs smiling healing energy into the organs, muscles and glands of the body. This moves the chi energy and produces a high level of chi. Smiling to one’s self with love rejuvenates and repairs the body. We know low grade negative emotions like fear, worry, stress, depression and anger steal the life force. The taoist Masters knew this and recognized the power of positive energy.

The Six Healing Sounds are the correct frequencies to keep the organs in good condition. All healthy organs have a particular vibration. There are many causes that bring stress to the body, such as chemical pollutants, junk food, anxiety etc. These stresses start to block the energy flow in the body causing over heating. The Six Healing Sounds help release excess heat from the organs while cooling them. When the Healing Sounds are done in a particular order this begins to evenly distribute body heat via the intestinal tract throughout the whole bodily system, bringing each organ back to its correct temperature.

The Microcosmic Orbit. The ancient Taoist Masters discovered two channels that carry an especially strong current of energy. The Functional “Yin” channel (meridian) which flows up the front of the body and The Governor “Yang” channel which flows up the back of the body. The tongue acts like a switch that connects the two energy circuits when held to the roof of the mouth. The channels then form a single circuit that loops the energy around. Thus the energy is now directed up the back and down the front forming the Microcosmic Orbit. This current circulates throughout the entire nervous system and major organs giving vital healing force to the cells and in turn balances the physical, emotional and mental parts of the self.

Listed below are two of the many books that contain these three techniques taught by Mantak Chia.

Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality ( Amazon UK) and Awakening the Healing Light of the Tao ( Amazon UK)

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Master Mantak Chia, born in Thailand, comes from the ancient lineage of Taoist Masters. He also has a Western education in anatomy and physiology. He has developed a clear and practical way of teaching this ancient wisdom, much of it hitherto kept secret.