Meditation: What IS the Real You? by Dada Jyotirupananda

Dada Jyotirupananda (video) writes, “The book, “Meditation: Searching for the Real You” came out of my experience as a meditation teacher.

Why do I meditate? I first heard about meditation in my university days and gradually understood that it could help me in various ways.

Broadly speaking, I had two reasons for beginning meditation. First, I wanted to find some direction, as I was uncertain about most aspects of my life, whether my studies, my relationships or my future. As well, I wanted to understand the meaning of life. Why are we here, what should we do with our lives, where do we go afterwards?

Dada Jyotirupananda

From books, lectures and discussions I found that yoga philosophy answers these questions. But the answers may not work if they are just ‘in the head’. To truly live the answers, one needs to Practice meditation. Meditation takes one deep into human consciousness so that we can understand and live universal truths.

This book uses the metaphor of life as a journey and gives many tools that help you throughout the spiritual journey.

These tools support a core yogic truth: every being has its essential nature (called ‘dharma’). When we live our dharma, we really live. We say, for example, that the dharma of fire is to burn. If a flame looks like fire, but gives off no heat, then I know it’s not really fire, despite appearances. The dharma of humans is to seek happiness. Everything we do is to, directly or indirectly, find happiness.

Meditation ‘switches’ the mind from seeking temporary, immediate happiness to seeking long-term happiness. This book shows how you can be active in the world while still finding your inner, spiritual center.

Through yogic meditation, we learn to identify our self with our deepest level of being, with our universal consciousness. Seems like a tall order, but it’s easily do-able. While one needs a personal teacher to learn the practice, this book gives valuable guidelines, and helps you understand how to bring it into your life.”

What people say about this book:

Meditation: Searching for the Real You“’Meditation: Searching for the Real You’ offers clear and persuasive encouragement to those beginning or preparing to begin the practice of meditation as a tool for the acquisition of self-knowledge. Dada Jyotirupananda presents a fresh, personal and well-informed approach to the practice of meditation that is sure to appeal to many.”

– Swami Abhayananda, author of History of Mysticism & The Supreme Self.

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