Deep Awake by Tim Freke

Deep Awake is a wonderful addition to the fields of consciousness and spirituality. The author, Tim Freke, has put together a deceptively simple guide for “waking up” and living consciously. Unlike most of the genre, the ego, with all its strengths and weaknesses, is not vilified, but embraced. For those who have failed at prior efforts to meditate and reflect, this unique approach may help them to succeed.

Freke writes, “Vilifying the ego as a spiritual enemy doesn’t help us awaken. It merely encourages us to wage an internal civil war against ourselves, which we can only lose. We’ve spent our lives cultivating our personal identity, imperfect as it is. Are we really now to conclude this was all a big mistake?” He goes onto identify the current trend of eschewing individuality as problematic, reasoning that “the separate self is a prerequisite for awakening, not an obstacle to be overcome.”

Of course, Freke recognizes the need for balance between ego and selflessness, and maintaining a healthy individuality while still experiencing the joy of becoming one with everything. Culled from years of walking the walk, writing over 20 books on the subject, and lecturing for thousands, Deep Awake is filled with insights, anecdotes, guidance and immediately accessible tips for awakening.

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