The Power of Homeopathy

homeopathySeveral years ago I was feeling unwell, and couldn’t pinpoint the source. I was chronically tired, unable to sleep through the night, had poor digestion, and finally broke out with eczema on my face and neck. Nothing I did seemed to help. Then a dear friend of mine recommended I see George Vithoulkas, the renowned homeopathist who treated Krishnamurti. I knew that homeopathy treated health issues by using minute amounts of ingredients similar to what caused the problem – what practitioners call treating “like with like.”

Vithoulkas had a powerful presence, and put me at ease as he asked me about my diet, lifestyle, psychic work, and health issues. In passing, I mentioned that I had had a car accident seven years earlier that left me with several broken bones. It turned out that I had never processed the trauma of the car accident and had been storing it in my body all those years. At the time I prided myself on how quickly I mended my broken bones and got back to work, but I never acknowledged the pain and upset it caused to my whole life. The homeopathic remedy helped me to release the trauma and begin healing.

Not too long ago I was shocked to read an article by Dr. Mercola stating that the Federal Trade Commission was cracking down on this well-respected form of natural medicine. In his article, Dr. Mercola writes, “Homeopathy is used by more than 500 million people worldwide and has gained widespread acceptance in some countries, including France, Germany, Mexico, Great Britain and India…. The family doctor to England’s Queen Elizabeth is a homeopathic physician. The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, is also a well-known homeopathy supporter, not only for people but also for the animals on his organic farm.”

I have used homeopathic remedies for years now, and seen amazing results for myself and many friends. The thought that this highly effective form of treatment may be jeopardized by bureaucratic pencil pushers or, perhaps more likely, big pharma attempting to cash in, is very upsetting.


FDA Targets Homeopathic Remedies

In December the Food and Drug Administration announced a major change in policy regarding homeopathic remedies. As reported in The Washington Post, CNN, and NPR, the FDA has proposed a more aggressive approach to testing and possibly banning, homeopathic drugs that it considers dangerous, especially those intended for children and others with serious illnesses, such as cancer. Critics of the policy change note that while most natural remedies are known for having fewer side effects than many mass market drugs, this could open the door to eliminating otherwise effective “non-pharma” remedies.

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