Odyssey of a Creatress by Madeline K. Adams

Odyssey of a Creatress¬† is a wonderful memoir of one woman’s spiritual journey to uncover and awaken the sacred feminine within her psyche, eventually allowing it to inspire and guide her life. Subtitled “A Heroine’s Journey to uncover the Essence of her Feminine Soul,” this book is not just for women – as Madeline Adams writes in her introduction, “My story is unashamedly about the feminine, as a primary creative principle, that exists in the lives of men and women.” As the author makes clear, it is through honoring the feminine in both men and women that balance and healing occur.

Ms. Adam’s physical journey makes for fascinating reading, spanning the globe as it does from New Zealand, to London, to the South of France and more. But it is the spiritual quest, deeply embedded in archetype, intuition, astrology and acts of trust that will thrill the reader. By listening to her own small voice, reading symbols and letting go of an itinerary, the author taps into the creative power that will allow her to refashion her life. Importantly, it is the passage through “the underworld” of shadow and loss that awaken the feminine “creatress.”


Madeline K Adams is an intuitive, a dancer and seeker of soul. She has more than thirty years experience of Astrology and postgraduate studies in Psychology. She writes from her unique perspective, as an older woman, recounting her journey to France and how her experiences changed her. She returns home, knowing she can no longer live the life of un-awakened soul. Her first book Odyssey of a Creatress is a memoir and a Soul Story, in which she guides you with simple poetic language, to awaken to the voices of your soul, to trust in your inner wisdom and empower your true feminine essence.  Madeline believes that by reclaiming soul consciousness, we gain the ability to reshape a new awareness of the feminine that resonates with the truth in our hearts and carries the power to bring healing and balance to our world.  Madeline resides in New Zealand, living as a Creatress, in her unique Aquarian way. You can get to know more about Madeline and her quest for a personal sense of her feminine soul at her website: www.sourceandsoul.com