Merlian News Podcasts with Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong Gu is an internationally recognized teacher and healer in Wisdom Healing Qigong, who received his training from a variety of Grandmasters of China and Tibet and at the largest Qigong medicine-less hospital in China. As founder of The Chi Center, he helps lead a journey of health and happiness through online Pure Qi courses, workshops and retreats for the public, wellness professionals and Qigong teacher certification. He is the author of several publications including Wisdom Healing Qigong: Activate and Embody Wisdom and Energy for Health, Healing and Happiness and Sound Healing Technologies. Master Gu received Qigong Master of the Year Award from the 2011 World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In this two part podcast, Merryn Jose talks with Master Mingtong Gu about:

  • What is Chi energy?
  • What is Qigong & Wisdom Healing Qigong?
  • How Wisdom Healing Qigong can reverse aging and illness
  • The journey of Qigong and when someone begins
  • Who can be helped by Qigong
  • What age to begin
  • What conditions are helped
  • How learning Qigong from a Qigong Master is helpful
  • How soon a student can feel the benefit
  • How it may be different for a beginner or dedicated student
  • Where you can learn

Special Meditation in Part Two!

To download and listen to Part 1, click here

To download and listen to Part 2, click here

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You can find more information at the Chi Center website:

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