Qigong Masters & Building the Immune System

During this time of uncertainty amidst the corona virus, there has been a feeling of helplessness while we wait: wait to leave our houses, wait to develop a vaccine, wait to get the “all clear” signal so that we can resume our lives, our jobs, and the economy. It sometimes feels like there’s nothing we can do to help the situation.  I believe that one of the best ways to use this enforced quiet time and help ourselves is to build our imune systems so that we are better able to resist or lighten the effects of the virus. To that end, I have increased my usual daily qigong practice to include routines from a few of these wonderful Qigong Masters.

Mingtong Gu – I have been practicing Mingtong Gu’s routines daily for several years and have found his exercises and sound healing techniques to be very beneficial.  Recently, he released a new video specifically geared toward boosting the immune system and fending off Covid19. Incorporating all or part of his methods into your day could really strengthen your body and immune response. You can learn more about him and access his videos at www.chicenter.com.

Lee Holden – This Qigong Master has developed what he calls an “Immunity Emergency Kit.” If you go to his website, www.holdenqigong.com, you can download free classes designed to help you build your strength and resiliency. As we read on his website, “Even just a few minutes a day can quickly add up to noticeable changes in stress, mood, and energy levels.” You can find his latest video on my Facebook page, Merryn Jose.

Chunyi Lin – Master Lin is part way through a 30 day cycle of online healing videos also specifically designed to boost the immune system and combat the Covid19 virus.  You can learn more and access his videos at his website, www.springforestqigong.com. You can find Chunyi Lin’s latest video on my Facebook page, Merryn Jose.

Nan Lu – On his website, www.tcmworld.org, Grand Master Nan Lu shares his thoughts on how Coronavirus affects the body and why some people may be affected more than others. He has a wonderful video that features three simple exercise you can do to help your immune system.


This article was first published March, 2020.

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