Communing With Nature Spirits by Craig Junjulas

Nature spirits are an evolutionary line within the Deva system. They develop in a similar fashion to the human stream, but are much more involved with becoming one with their environment, rather that experiencing an existence within an environment that is perceived as separate from them. Elemental beings and their more evolved nature spirits, such as fairies, inhabit and co-create within the four elements of earth (gnomes), water (undines), air (sylphs) and fire (salamanders). I consider ether to be the fifth element.

Nature spirits live in the same reality that humans do. They only seem to be invisible because our everyday consciousness and our five senses are resolutely focused on a limited range of frequencies that are sometimes called, “the real world,” while disregarding the remainder of the energy that life is composed of.

We have been taught to shy away from anything that distracts us from remaining within the scientifically described boundaries of the physical world and have been warned about exploring the dimensions beyond its fringes. Occasionally, artists, naturalists, mystics, and the like, have left records of their adventures into these unseen lands. They portray nature spirits as beautiful beings who are always around us and influence our world every day of our lives. These life forms are described as being diaphanous, ethereal, evasive — even imaginary. Perhaps, to them, we just seem to be a little “dense” and inattentive.

Under the guidance of the angelic realm, these spirits assist in the working out of the laws of nature and the righteous distribution and utilization of nature’s vital force. They work with this fundamental creative force, also known as “ether,” to creatively serve and maintain the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms. They are guided to work toward the fulfillment of the Great Plan for the evolution of all life forms and the eventual return to the one source. It is said that the Earth is destined to shift into a more ethereal vibration and we, as a species, will reawaken to our true spiritual conscious state and rejoin our fellows in these higher realities.

While living on the planet Earth, our role is to foster sacred relationships with nature spirits and to devote ourselves to assist in their work by directing the light of creation, which is pure love, into their projects. Consciously working with these beings can prepare the way for smoother planetary transitions and more graceful interactions with nature — sometimes averting the natural disasters that are seen as part of the cleansing process that the planet goes through. We can help by heightening our awareness of planetary needs, and protecting and nurturing the environment.

We can also assist by meditating in nature; decrees, invocations and other sound vibrations; attaining open-hearted visual contact; directing healing energy into these kingdoms; and using many other modalities. My favorite method of communing is to sit in the woods by the edge of a stream and lean against a tree for hours with my eyes open and my consciousness expanding as I gradually become one with the ground, water, air, and sunlight. Over time, not only do the animals accept me as an unthreatening part of their world, but the nature spirits become visible and openly go about their work.

Communing with Nature Spirits

Entering into this world begins with you shifting your body-mind vibration into more subtle spiritual frequencies in order to affect a delicate exchange between your inner spirit and these ethereal beings who are generally reserved when approached by humans.

  • While sitting in nature, close your eyes, and go on an inner journey by counting down from 21 to 1 while imagining you are walking or floating down a gentle hill into a lush garden or meadow. Become increasingly soft of thought and emotion, even child-like, and remain patient as the elemental beings that compose the four elements, the greenery and the flowers reveal themselves to you. Above, are the nature spirits that tend to these elementals, and the angels who watch over the nature spirits. Shine your heart-light outward in a radiant pattern, and connect to nature’s beauty, to bring you into a more harmonious vibration with them as they go about their work. Envision walking to the exact spot that you are meditating in and sit down into your physical body as an enlightened spirit, thus bringing these two worlds together.
  • Slowly open your eyes, while remaining in an altered state, and pay attention to your peripheral vision for a hint of movement, a vague blush of color, or a translucent form. Try not to look directly at them as you would look at a physical object, but remain subtle while sensing their presence, and waiting for them to shift further into your field of vision. It is similar to approaching a small animal out in nature. Remaining centered and unthreatening helps a gradual trust to be established.
  • As your vision softens over time, engage your creative imagination further and maintain an open listening mode while noticing the faint thoughts that come into your mind. To speak out to the nature spirits, feel your inner voice come up from the solar plexus, move through the heart chakra and be carried by a beam of light shining from your entire face and chest. A dialogue ensues by having an internal conversation with one of them, and a new relationship is developed. The communication that follows can give direction as to the course of action that is best for you to take in order to contribute to the sacred planetary work. Ask for personal guidance and request that they weave their beautiful energy through your aura and chakras to help clear, heal and open your entire being to the glorious kingdoms of nature and the many mansion worlds above.

Craig Junjulas: Metaphysical Teacher, Clairvoyant, Author and Lecturer

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