Crystal Healing – Getting Up Close & Personal With Your Stones

Over the last seven years as a Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRTh) I have learned that the more I work with and open to my stones, the more I understand how much they are teaching me. Most importantly my crystal allies have taught me how to perceive, hold and transmit energy. Because each stone holds a very clear steady coherent energy field which is unique to itself, they are great teachers of what energy feels like to me personally. I can take my time and fully tune into, and resonate with, that particular vibration. I notice what sensations, colors, images, or messages arise and where I most sense it in my body. I can apply what I’ve learned about perception to assess my own energy field and that of my clients. I can assist my client’s field in coming into resonance with the stone. Then I can perceive the effect of the stone’s energy on my client’s overall energy flow and any perceived pain, blockages, or imbalances. Repeatedly my crystal allies have taught me to trust the process of crystal resonance and to work from my heart–not over thinking or second guessing myself.

When I get a new stone, I can’t wait to get some time alone with it–to hold it and meditate with it. I want to build a connection between our energy fields and get to know each other. Often I will meditate with the same stone over several days. Besides identifying what elemental energy and chakra energy it has and how it might generally want to be used, I often find it has very specific messages for me that aid in my healing practice or help me process or heal personal issues that are currently up for me.

Lately, for example, I’ve been drawn to holding amazonite during my morning meditations. One meditation was all about its beautiful watery nature–filled with sensations of gentle wavelike fluid motion and the color of turquoise tropical seas. In another I found myself focused on my throat. Then I saw images of the area just to the left of my spine from behind my heart all the way up through my chest and neck to behind my left ear all lit up with the color of amazonite. I felt the pains I’ve noticed in these areas over the years. I sensed how linked together my whole left-sided area is and how in order to heal it I need to allow myself to fully know and express my true self. Most recently, my amazonite took me into a blissful experience of floating in infinite waves of peace and joy, love and light. Ah, this is who I truly am at the core of my being.


I am so grateful for the gift of my crystal allies and want to help others to access this gift for themselves. So I encourage you to take the time to get “up close and personal with your crystals.” The following description of how to connect with a crystal ally is based on the practices taught by the originator of Crystal Resonance Therapy, Naisha Ahsian.

How to Connect with a Crystal Ally

1. Place your stone in your receptive or left hand.

2. Close your eyes. Take a couple deep breaths, relax and open.

3. Bring your awareness to the stone. Feel it in your hand. Notice weight, temperature, any sensations where it is touching your skin.

4. Imagine that you are directing a flow of Light from the Sun into your stone–warming it, awakening it with Light. Notice how the stone feels in your hand now that it is activated. Continue to draw more Light into the stone until you can really feel that it is enlivened. What do you notice?

5. Now bring your awareness to your heart–allow your heart also to fill with Light and Love. Send your love to the stone, letting it know that you wish to connect with it and learn what it has to teach you. Continue until you begin to feel it sending love back to you.

6. Using all your senses focus again on the stone in your hand. Has the temperature changed? Does the stone seem more magnetic or electrical? Do you have any sense of color, sound or image?

7. Once you have a fairly clear sense of how your stone is communicating its energy to you, begin to pull that energy into your body. Allow it to move into and fill your hand, like water soaking into a sponge. Then pull it into your wrist and forearm, experiencing how it feels. Then your elbow and upper arm. Then shoulder. Then into the left side of your chest. As the energy floods into your heart, allow it to fill completely, taking time to really connect with this crystal ally’s energy and noticing what sensations and feelings it is communicating to you.

8. Once your heart is fully resonating with the stone’s energy, allow it to expand into the rest of

your body–your whole chest, belly, hips, legs, feet, down your other arm and hand, up into your neck and head. Allow your heart to continue to connect and resonate with the energy of the stone in your hand and also the energy of this type of stone, this mineral, in the earth. Breathe this energy into your heart and then let it flow out to fill not only your whole body but the energy field which surrounds you.

9. Now you are completely resonating with the unique vibration of this crystal ally. Notice if you find the vibration focused more in one or more areas of your body. Again using all your senses tune into how you perceive this energy–smell, taste, sound, words, color, brightness, images, memories, vibration, movement, weight, sensations, temperature.

10. Ask your crystal ally if it has a message for you and how it would like to be used.

11. Thank your ally.

12. Allow yourself to come fully present in your body, feeling the surface on which you are sitting or lying. Take a couple deep breaths and open your eyes. You may want to jot some notes right away about your experience and what your crystal ally communicated to you.

Reprinted with permissionfrom an article that first appeared in Crystal Resonance Magazine. For more information on Nia Kallhof go to her site at


Nia studied under internationally acclaimed teacher Naisha Ahsian, author of The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path of Self Knowledge and co-author of The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach. Nia is a certified practioner with many years experience in Naisha’s vibrational healing modalities–Crystal Resonance Therapy™ and Primus Activation Healing Technique™. Nia is also certified in Breathwork/Rebirthing. She completed several years of apprenticeship in shamanic transformational practices and has traveled extensively as part of her own spiritual quest to sacred sites across the U.S. and in Peru, Mexico, Europe and Egypt.

Nia began practicing yoga and meditation in the early 1970’s. Her spiritual practices continue to be a core flame burning brightly in her heart day after day. Passing this flame, one heart at a time is something to which she has dedicated her life. Nia, also known by her spiritual name Narayanii Ma, resides in the peaceful Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri at Hearthaven, heartquarters for Progressive Women’s Spiritual Council ( and a retreat center offering personal healing retreats, women’s spirituality retreats and a variety of classes and workshops.