Old Dog by Nancy Mehagian

If you’re looking for a gift book for the children in your life, I highly recommend Old Dog by Nancy Mehagian, illustrated by Yoko Matsuoko. There are a million books about puppies out there, but this is the first I can think of that introduces children to the idea of a “senior” dog. Written with real warmth, the author has captured the joy and rewards of loving and caring for a beloved older pet.

Children will love the wonderful illustrations and enjoy the story of Boo Bear, the magnificent old dog who kind of looks like a teddy bear.  Adults will appreciate the thoughtful portrayal of how an older dog differs from a puppy both in behavior and care, but how the love – and the belly rubs! – is still the same.

The quote on the back of the book says it all: “Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.” For all of these reasons, I predict that Old Dog will become a treasured addition to your library.