Tuning into the Silence by Paul Mulliner

Tuning into the SilenceHow taking a focus of attention inward helps us find the deep silence of cosmic consciousness, the non-local field inside all of us.

Consciousness in all of us is a single experiencing-space, a cosmic field.

As we reach inward with a focus of attention, we can intuitively realize a conscious awareness which exists as one experiencing-space inside all of us, a single spatial-consciousness connecting us into the whole Universe.

Our thoughts are transient patterns in the still surface of this fluid cosmic consciousness.

Using an inner directed focus of attention to find a deep connection into this cosmic space and intuitively knowing its generous, supportive guidance, helps us begin to dissolve the thinking inside us that can sometimes emerge with unhappy ideas about other people, the world, our job and other stuff that might be happening in our day.

This is a dissolving of our troubling thoughts as our attention remains focused in the clear, silent space which connects all of us.

In going deeper inside ourselves than our thoughts, we’re realizing and knowing the nourishing silence of the depths of cosmic consciousness rather than our thought-ripples on its surface.

Knowing this deep silence, keeping a focus of attention within it, helps us to allow our thoughts to dissolve away and brings us to a calm place where we can find a useful wisdom to help with our daily life in the world.

A single, no-boundary conscious awareness exists uninterruptedly inside everyone, including those who we may regard as different or those we might be feeling unhappy about.

All human beings are emerging together from the core stuff of the Universe as it vibrationally alters cosmic energy to generate the exquisitely orchestrated quantum-scale spin patterns which we observe as the biochemistry of our body.

We’re the continuously generated expressions of cosmic intelligence, our human bodies are vibrational materializations of this one cosmic field, like a three dimensional music.

All of us are becoming visible, moment by moment, as cosmic intelligence transforms itself into living beings throughout the Universe.

Reaching into a deep inner connection with this one cosmic space, helps us begin to dissolve the thoughts of separation and unhappiness which may be emerging inside us.

We can find an inner conscious center in which all our thinking is realized to be just transient and dissolvable ripples in the surface of a silent cosmic presence which exists everywhere.

Finding this intuitive realization can help us see the world we live in differently than we may have previously.

Realizing the essential oneness of conscious awareness, helps us begin to dissolve the tribal separation we may be feeling about people who are different than us and awakens a cosmic sense of relationship and connectedness with our planet and all its living beings.

We’re all intrinsically woven into an evolving cosmic intelligence and becoming more conscious of this reality helps us to make choices in the world which are in sync with the well-being of all of us and our planet.

A single cosmic self exists inside all of us, which becomes knowable as we allow the incessant ripples of our thinking to dissolve away, leaving just stillness and silence.

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Paul Mulliner is a writer and digital artist. Formerly computer animation designer for Television, 3D digital artist for Game development and tutor in Game development. This article originally appeared on www.thriveglobal.com.  View more of his CGI art at https://www.behance.net/paulmullin26e8

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