Merlian News Podcasts with Teresa Hale on Meditation

Merryn Jose & Teresa HaleTeresa Hale began teaching Meditation and Yoga over 40 years ago. Her exploration in this field led to the creation of The Hale Clinic – the world’s leading complementary health center, where she continued to deepen her understanding and practice of Meditation and Yoga. Teresa has had direct experience of how Meditation can be applied to a whole range of situations including Health, Creativity, Mental Ability, Reduction of Stress, the Workplace and Scientific Research. She also has a deep interest in the Philosophical and Spiritual aspects of Meditation.

In this podcast, Merryn Jose discusses meditation with Teresa Hale. They talk about:

  • why you should meditate
  • Soul Atma
  • Soul Emergence
  • how meditation can help us in our work
  • the connection between health and meditation
  • the role the mind and heart play
  • how Teresa teaches meditation as a quick fix as well as a lifelong journey of discovery and more!

To download and listen to this podcast, click here.

Hale Clinic on Meditation: Research & Science

What Is The Connection Between Spirituality And Medicine? by Teresa Hale


How Clean Is Your Biofield? Recognizing and eliminating EMF in your environment

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There has been a great deal of research in the last several years about the impact of electrical, cellular, microwave and other energies on the human body. Our electromagnetic fields or EMF, also known as our biofield, can be affected or disrupted by the electrical signals or radiation emited by such common devices as cell phones, computers and electrical lines. Detecting unwanted radiation and eliminating it has become a new focus for those concerned with their health.

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Merlian News Podcasts with Robert Moss About Coincidences & Synchronicities

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Robert Moss, a lifelong dream explorer who survived three near-death experiences in childhood. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanic techniques for empowerment and healing. He is a former university professor of ancient history at the Australian National University, also a bestselling novelist, shamanic counselor, and the author of five books on dreaming. Robert gives lectures and leads workshops all over the world. You can visit his website at

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Merlian News Podcasts with Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Moody is a world renowned leader in the area of near death studies, having coined the phrase “near death experience” and penned over 11 books on the subject. His famous book, Life After Life, has sold 13 million copies worldwide and has just been re-released for its 25th anniversary edition. Also just published is Dr. Moody’s latest book Glimpses of Eternity Sharing a Loved One’s Passage From This Life To The Next, published by Guideposts.

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Space Creatures by Barbara Weisberg

| review by Cheryl Shainmark

Space Creatures, by Barbara Weisberg, is an enchanting addition to children’s literature. Ms. Weisberg, author of three previous children’s books, has perfectly captured the whimsy of a child’s view of the world — in this case, the role of being an “Earthling” on this wonderful planet. Part science and part a study in self-awareness, Space Creatures tells a story of exploring the world, our Earth, and also introduces the idea of being part of a larger whole — the grandness of the Cosmos and our place in it.

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