Signs of Spirit by Roland Comtois

Roland M. Comtois is an internationally acclaimed channel, best-selling speaker and author of And Then There was Heaven -A Journey of Hope and Love. He has earned a devoted following among tens of thousands of clients of all ages and from all walks of life who regularly seek his spiritual counsel during private readings, holistic healing sessions, special events and group workshops. His new book, Signs of Spirit, is a heart warming compendium of his channeled “Purple Papers,” written by those who have received word from their loved ones who have passed on. Their stories are heart warming and inspiring – a must read for those seeking comfort after losing a loved one.

As the author explains, he has been receiving these channeled messages for years, and writing them down, as directed by spirit, on purple paper. Each message has a specific intended recipient, but Mr. Comtois frequently doesn’t know who that might be. He writes down the words he hears, draws the images he gets, and then files them away, knowing that the right person will appear at some point in the future. As his book illustrates, many of his purple papers were channeled and written down years before the recipient shows up.

The stories in this book are deeply personal, yet readers will recognize themselves and their loved ones in the commonalities: the grief, the overwhelming sense of loss, and then the gratitude for receiving reassurance that the loved one lives on in spirit. Central to every story is the deep love that flows from the the spirit world to our world. Whether the death was from an accident, suicide, overdose, disease or old age, the writers find their questions are answered, forgiveness is sought and received, and healing begins. One of the most touching themes throughout the book is how our loved ones send us signs to let us know that they are with us.

But not every purple paper has reached it’s target yet! The book concludes with several “unclaimed” messages, that are waiting for right individual to show up. Mr. Comtois travels to each appearance with binders full of his channeled writings, holding on to them until he senses that the correct person has come forward. Signs of Spirit shows just how powerful it can be to get one of these messages.

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