The Portal of Transcendence with the Cosmic Guardians the Angels of Atlantis

The Angels of Atlantis bring us to a new level of thought, and a new way of feeling – the miracle of transcendent love.

Discovering the keys to transcendence, through the teaching and healing of the Angels of Atlantis, means we are given the power to turn every situation that is not of love, back to love. Thinking and feeling like this revolutionizes a new way of looking at cause and effect – and this elicits the way of the ‘miracle minded’!

Listen deeply to these messages, via Angel Whisperer Stewart Pearce, and you will learn how to live the spiritual principles that help us overcome physical challenges, financial stress, and rejected love. Then you will unleash the divine power of Angelic abundance. Then you will live through the faith of the Divine promise that Angelic prosperity, love and grace will always look after you. Then you will never need to fear the future, or indeed the past!

The Angels teach us that to be miracle minded means we do not look away from the illusions of the mortal world, but rather we look through them to the Divine light beyond. We do not deny there are economic problems instead we transcend them, moving into the flowing presence of love, and the work Stewart does will show you how you can do this, right now!

THE ANGELS OF ATLANTIS will remove all obstacles, and alleviate all blocks.

Now lets celebrate this transcendent love! All your personal growth work has disentangled you from the snares of fear-based blocks. All systems are ready, and you are on the way!

The key now is for you to stay centered in this positive energy, to receive the transcendent energy of the Angels, and the only prerequisite for receiving this is that we live with an open heart and an open mind, truly believing that love is all there is!

Any doubt or worry will be immediately transmuted by you immediately seeing it’s opposite value, and living that value. In effect, you will be surrendering all your fear to the Angels, and in doing so you will feel that terrible doubt becomes incandescent faith. Corrosive worry becomes a beautiful prayer. Ugly hatred is alchemically lifted into love.

Simply, try not to allow your mind to wander to negative scenarios, instead remember that the Divine gave you the power of creation—therefore use it to create a masterpiece, and you will live a life full of love and joy, leaving an inspiring legacy behind each action.

Stewart will be revealing even more transcendent truth during his inspirational workshop: “HANDPICKED BY THE ANGELS” on May 20th in New York City. Please email: stewart@theangelsofatlantis for further information or see the flyer below.