Tarot for Self-transformation by Sahar Huneidi-Palmer

Tarot for Self-transformation is a wonderfully concise guide to learning the Tarot.  Sahar Huneidi-Palmer’s many years of studying, coaching, and  giving readings for others shine through this book, and we reap the benefits of her learning. Through examples and exercises, the author really shows how it is possible to turn imagination into intuition to transform and craft the life that you want.

Tarot for Self-transformation is beautifully illustrated, inviting the reader to linger over the images and reflect over their meaning. Using simple exercises, Sahar teaches us how to use our fascination with the images and our imagination to open up to our own inner guidance to interpret the cards. There are concise depictions of the role and symbolism of each card, as well as modern takes on each ancient symbol.

Throughout the book the author builds our understanding layer by layer, from the Major Arcana through the importance of the numerology of the minor cards. What could be daunting for the beginner is made easy, and the reader is rewarded with growing confidence in their own skills at working with the cards. Tarot for Self-transformation will amply repay reading and re-reading several times.