Tell Me A Story 2: Animal Magic – Stories by Amy Friedman, Music by Laura Hall

Poet and Jungian psychoanalyst Clarissa Pinkola Estes said it best: the simplest ingredient for healing is stories. And what could be better than legends about a Nigerian tortoise, a Chinese dragon and an Australian kangaroo? ANIMAL MAGIC, a one hour CD (the second in the TELL ME A STORY series), is full of folktales from seven countries around the world. Amy Friedman writes the adaptations of the myths, Laura Hall sets them to music and a variety of actors read them on CD.

Each folktale offers insights into the condition of humanity and the state of our planet. “Cricket’s Song” examines how all living beings are dependent on other living beings. “Elephant’s Reward” highlights the importance of all creatures living in harmony with each other. A great idea for a child’s holiday gift, the CD isn’t only for kids. Adults will also be reminded of how music and stories can revive our spirits. ( )

From Whole Life Times, reviewed by Jenny Rough

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Bio’s Continued

Amy Friedman writes the long-running (since 1992) popular syndicated newspaper Tell Me A Story (read more stories at ), and in her wanderings around Los Angeles, where she now lives, she’s come upon some wondrous talent, many of whom she has gathered to join her in creating the Tell Me A Story audiobook series. Amy also teaches writing and writes books for adults as well as her regular column for The Mad as Hell Club ( ). Laura Hall, best known as the pianist from the popular television series Whose Line Is It Anyway,also has her own wonderful CD available on CD Baby, A Woman of Faith. Laura has also produced two other CDs for children and composed the music Roger Daltrey’s DVD series The Wheels on the Bus. For more about Laura please see her website. Lori Ada Jaroslow, the director of this volume and whose voice, along with Laura Hall’s, sings harmony for Cricket on The Cricket’s Song, has appeared in numerous plays both On and Off Broadway.

by Jenny Rough
TELL ME A STORY and ANIMAL MAGIC have both won Parent's Choice Silver Awards for Storytelling! The readers on this volume include the illustrious performers of stage and screen Glenna Forster-Jones, Giselle Achecar, Len Cariou, Gideon Emery, Meera Simhan, Peter James Smith and Arigon Starr. More below!