The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart

You may know Lynne as the author of books like The FieldThe Intention Experiment, and now her newest bookThe Power of Eight. An award-winning journalist and international bestselling author, Lynne wanted to learn more about the healing power of thought. Was it really occurring, or are the anecdotal stories we hear no more than the subjective experience of a few individuals? She didn’t expect a close, scientific look to reveal enough hard evidence to support people’s assertions.

Lynne organized groups of people worldwide and invited them to participate in large group healing experiments. Then, she conducted rigorous scientific study of these groups to see what was really going on. What happened next transformed her from a skeptic into a believer.  In the 30 experiments Lynne has run to date, 26 have evidenced measurable, mostly significant change. Thus far, these controlled scientific experiments have shown focused group thought can:

  • Change certain basic physical property of leaves
  • Make plants grow up to twice as high as normal
  • Alter the molecular cluster structure of tap water
  • Raise the pH of (and so purify) polluted water
  • Lower violence in a war-torn or crime-ridden area
  • Improve the health of patients with diagnosed conditions

“Both the Power of Eight circles and the global experiments were revealing something more,” Lynne writes, “something central about human consciousness and its ability to trespass over the boundaries of objects and other people, even the borders of space and time. We’d repeatedly demonstrated that the human mind has the ability to operate non-locally, move through walls and over seas and continents, and change matter thousands of miles away.”

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